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Re: i guess that's why everyone is so young

Posted by alexandra_k on April 26, 2022, at 20:27:17

In reply to i guess that's why everyone is so young, posted by alexandra_k on April 26, 2022, at 20:19:47

i don't know the state of the education systems in uk and usa. i guess the usa system is widely distributed and widely varied.

i do know that after i clearly got screwed by the australian inability to design the UMAT they replaced it with the UCAT.

which made me think.. that there was some.. desire to genuinely improve. there. same with the fact the vc committee in aussie says they do not endorse pay to win tutoring (by universiteis of subsidiaries acting as private companies). the fact that they acknowledged it was wrong for the vc of queensland to give his daughter a place in medicine on 'leadership equity'. even though they didn't put that right for the student whose place she stole. he did leave the unviersity. which is not justice. but they acknoweldged it was wrong for him to have done that. nz isn't there yet.

i guess the children of the elites in australia mostly don't want to stay in australia. they want to go to the best schools (as they see them) in the usa.

funny how nobody actually wants to be in the f*ck up of a situation that the psychopaths made.

even the psychopaths. like the early stages of infiltration. rather than or better than the garbage land they end up lording over. i suppose.

though maybe that's not true. i don't know if they settle into the mess they made or if they would rather inflitrate other places. maybe they do get ring fenced due to reputation. i don't know that the us schools would hire sterelny. i'm not sure why anu decided to hire him full time and take his wife, to boot, to inflitrate their history programme...

i'm not sure why.

i don't nkow why western australia would hire harlene hayes.

doesnt' look like steps in the improvement or develometn direction, to me.




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