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i guess that's why everyone is so young

Posted by alexandra_k on April 26, 2022, at 20:19:47

because they have't been in the 'game' long enough to realise that they are never going to pay them, yet.

all the people you see about the city. apparently (the mythology goes) they are required to work in the city because that's where the wages are. but that's where the money is required to be spent. on transport in.

apparently there are all kinds of things when you are there, too. rattle a tin occasions where there is social pressure for you to hand your wages back to your employer.

all the social stuff. the money to be spent on group activities. food an drink and so on.

so you look at how much you net after all that social pressure. and if you aren't getting yourself deeper and deeper in debt...


finding ways to make your own money. getting all your collegues to donate to your rattle a tin event. flourishing into your own psychopathy.

hey, let's do that all day.

let's do that instead of doing whatever it is that nominally we were supposed to be doing.

let's do that and then bully the people who did the work into giving us their work or dropping the work so we can pass it off as our own.

great idea.

then let's think about all the ramifications of that on a society. all of the things that there won't be. that therei's none of.

case study nz.

case study also australia. they think they are more advanced and more ahead with the whole 'development' thing... but they seem to take the nzers who have the ideology they most value in the hope that it will catch on... so... i think it more likely that they think they are funny hahaha in promulgating something in nz and they don't see how it's infecting the main-frame.

they seem to be embracing it into the main-frame.

i mean... they chose to hire the people they chose to hire.

i am kind of interested in the direct comparison of the work i did my first year of my phd and the work done by other students.

i am wary of plagarism. of people passing their students work off as their own... or other students. or hteir supervisor where their supervisor got it from somewhere...

but a direct comparison on what was documented.

if they don't / won't put things right then that tells people everything they need to know.

it tells people to stay away if they don't want to play tha game.

i know they werent on and on about psychoapths infiltrating and ruining things for us al. i didn't know that they considred themselves to be the psychopaths.




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