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they dx personality disorder...

Posted by alexandra_k on April 26, 2022, at 19:07:21

for the same reasons they used to (and likely still do) dx schizophrenia.


treatment won't help. unless it is old generation antipsychotic 'major tranqualisers' or maybe a little LSD for the anxiety to see if they can induce enough psychosis to really go to town on teh 'schizophrenia'.

that means you are a lifer -- right?

drug them to death and throw away the key.

nz does not have psychiatry.

szasz had stuff to say about how there wasn't psychiatry until you got rid of it from criminal law stuff. i think that was because szasz had a conception of consent..


that is to say, there are no involuntary cooerced or forced medical treatments.

there aren't involuntary cervical smears. there is just sexual assault.
there isn't involuntary medication. there is just drugging.

so the idea that psychiatry was medicine but there were forced psychiatry treatments... since he thought there were no involuntary medical treatments...

does this make sense?

but in nz everything is not voluntary. involuntary. coerced. forced. except for a smal few who do whatever they want with impunity. because they are the winners at life. for their brief reign.

so there is no psychiatry. there isn't any medicine either.

in fact, it also turns out that there isn't any law. since the judges don't seem to have the wilingness or ability to state the statues. in a 'rephrase the meaning in your own words' way... certainly not to say whether behavior is in violation of them. certainly not the ability to use 'common law' to uphold principles of justice and fairness.

the judges have decided that nz will have no tertiary education system.

because who would voluntarily enrol in a programme of university study where the university is not making enrolment, progression, completion decisions on the basis of who is most likely to complete the work to highest standards of international quality. that is to say intellectual independence and the like?

rather... decisions are being made on the basis of a few people forcing and pushing everyone else around. getting their jollies. and of course intergenerational... the sons of the judges. the grandsons of the judges etc etc. their inheritance. what they believe they are entittled to in life. whether they want it or not. mostly. i don't really suppose the kids of the elite get to choose what they want in life, either.

there's nothing here.




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