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the business model

Posted by alexandra_k on April 26, 2022, at 5:59:41

In reply to unlawful detention, posted by alexandra_k on April 26, 2022, at 5:20:23

so they pretend they are offering a certain amount of money as a scholarship or as payment for work or whatever. in order to apply for the money you need to hand over a bunch of your personal information (of course) and write a business proposal or a research plan or whatever.

then they take the proposal or plan you wrote and they work on it without paying anybody the scholarship or payment. they just take it.

like waikato district health board thought they were being all clever offering $5,000 to a masters student to work on a project that had to do with one of their explictly stated objective. i guess the objectives were the ones handed to them by the governmetn.

then they got masters studnets informing them about their projects and how they alligned with the government objectives.

so then the district health board and the university could bully the studnets away and hand their project over to the dhb.

then the dhb could touch it up a bit with their paid researchers on staff and hand that to the government in justifiation for their $90,000+++ salary for doing research within the dhb.

my project on disability and equity in medicine and public health (about the UN rights stuff, and the rights of people with disabiltiy and rights of maaori) was not accepted. because, you know, i don't have the capacity to write a masters research project.

but presently, now, now that i'ts 2022 (rather than 2018) and even if they gave me credit for my work my degree would have, apparently, ,expired, they are setting about having all the government people re-write it.

they are determined that human rights for maaori looks like segregation. human rights for maaori looks like separate services where the separate services are separately funded. like... how howard university is an historicaly black university in the usa. that's the sort of thing that human rihgts for maaori means. it means observational studies of untreated conditions. it means inducing things (rheumatic fever and things like that) and withholding gold standard treatment.

otherwise... maaori can accept whatever crumbs they are thrown in the 'white' or 'current' or 'european' system that is not for them wehre they are not served by it.

those are there options. those are there only options. the nz governmetn is fond of that. the 'there is no alternative' option.

like how national looks pretty good right now because jacinda is not erally regarded a viable option. people will vote national for no other reason than tehre was no alternative. labor can't be in 3 terms. not because of any rule but because they always do go mad with power near the end of the second term.

happened to john key. pulling the hair of the girls in cafes. happened to jacinda with the whole 1pm with bloomfield shortland street update on the state of lock-down.

they reduced demand on the health system by forcing people to stay home. no monday mornign heart attacks. no road injuries.

so the health system needed to start finding new ways to get victims... hostages...

whatever you want to call them.

not persons. that's for sure.




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