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ambulance driver

Posted by alexandra_k on April 26, 2022, at 5:14:00

In reply to runaway inflation, posted by alexandra_k on April 26, 2022, at 4:44:06

you pay the university
you pay the univesrity
you pay the university
you pay the univerity

and maybe they choose to give you a degree or certificate or whatever so that you can 'work' as an ambulance driver (but probably that'd take 2x the standard time and 2x the quoted fees).

the univesrity being a public government university. that probably doesn't pay any taxes.

then you can pay st john
you pay st john
you pay st john
you pay st john
you pay
you pay
you pay
you pay
you pay
you pay
you pay

and they might choose to give you certificates like 'cpr certificate' or whatever certificates you need. st johns being a billion dollar charity. that doesn't pay any taxes.

and then you might get picked (but that might cost you extra) to work as an unpaid volunteer for the charity.

so, how do you afford to doall this?

i duno..
i gues.. you find a person.. and you stick them in the back of your ambulance untnil..

they pay you.


else maybe you arrange someone to pay their unattende dhouse?

or maybe they pay you for you to take them to hospital rather than to a clinic where they'd have to pay teh clinic.

or maybe they pay you so that you take them to the hospital lpromptly. instead of just keeping them in the back of your ambulance.

i guess the st johns operational people probably don't want to be cut out of that 'opportunity' though.

i mean to say you probably don't choose where you drive them or how long you hold them.

i guess the people are supposed to pay st johns for their medic alert bracelet.

not sure how much the peple have to pay the ambulance person diretly in order for them to actually LOOK or ResPOND APPROPRIATELY to the medic alert bracelet...

there have been more than a few cases of people being given things they died of allergy reaction to because the volunteers didn't happen to see...

that's how it works?

that's how it seems to me to be.

that's the business model.

can internatinal community do business with nzl?

i don't htink they can pretend for very very much longer...

there's no hint of 'try' from nz end...

where is mjy degree?




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