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runaway inflation

Posted by alexandra_k on April 26, 2022, at 4:44:06

so everyone is trying to liquidate and get the money out and inflation is going through the roof.

soon we will need to take a wheelbarrow of money to buy a melamine contaminiated loaf of bread. etc.

overseas can't take our food exports because of the slavery in the supply chain and the failure to follow international laws. dolphins in the tuna. melamine in the milk powder. child labor in the production of round-up honey.

i suppose australia will be headed the same way...

the choices they make to scale-up the nz business model...

the refusal to grant degrees when and only when the requirements for them have been met.

apparently it isn't that australia screwed france... it is hard to know / hard to say. australia isnt' getting nuclear subs until 2040.

it isn't getting nuclear subs.

why can't australia design it's own nucelear subs?

oh yeah, the children of the elite turned out not to have a great deal of capacity when it came to innovation.


the people with capacity couldn't function there.

they were expected to be second or third class australians. serving the VC his supper

(trusted not to poison him, ironically)




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