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nz is making progress...

Posted by alexandra_k on April 24, 2022, at 15:38:08

learning what sorts of things need to be put in place before the learning of reading, writing, and arithmetic.

once we have figured out what sorts of things those are, then we can better ensure that the kids never develop those skills.

that way we can't be held accountable for preventing and prohibiting the acquisition of reading, writing, and arithmetic, per se...

it's ingenious in f*ck*d-up-retarded-land. see?

so, for example,

if kids can't get their pencils out or hold their pencils. get their books out or hold their books. be quiet for 5 minutes.

then we don't need to worry about preventing and prohibiting the development of reading, writing, and arithmetic.

apparently one teacher says that her kids don't seem able to carry their books or get out their pencils or pay attention in class for 5 minutes...

by the seems of it it's about parents (managment types) working from home. micro-mis-managing their kids. the kids are saying 'i can't do anything' i'm too slow' etc. and their parents are doing everything for them because they are controlling and because things are faster that way.

it's really ingenious.

you want to ensure the kids can't feed themselves and so on.

i mean... what do you have to do to have them just sit in their incubator and take what they are given?

lie down. just lie flat.

there's a good money-earner for me. the government will pay me for as many of them as i can make or find or aquire.




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