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b*llsh*t degrees

Posted by alexandra_k on April 23, 2022, at 20:30:36

so the district health boards will not say who their doctors are. the ones employed by them. on payroll.

i imagine that with a list of them...

if i were to start phoning around...

well, firstly they rely on language barrier. they think that if the university they graduated medical school from is a non-english speaking school, then i can't phone them up and say that there is a person on payroll in new zealand as medical doctor who says they are this particular person who graduated from that university. i am concerned they may be a fraud, they may be engaged in identity theft, they may be making up stories. they may be criminal. they may have been struck off. i am checking to see whether they are fit to be employed in new zealand. to work with vulnerable people.

and see. get the photos that they have for them in the system. see if they say 'yes someone graduated from that year with that degree'. see if the crimnial courts have any record of them for things like rape or murder or drug use or dealing or gross negligence. etc etc etc.

because i think that it may actually be the case that new zealand actually is a prison camp detention facility of and for the world.

that is to say, that there aren't any actual doctors, here.

overseas does not aknowledge our qualifications... seems.. seems to me. nz graduated people are not able to work in australia or anywhere else in the world.

they sort of pretend that they are...

but if you lok into the eligibility critieroin and what is required to do that...

i'm not sure that they are just as corrupt as us (simply declaring ineligible and throwing applications away)...

what do you expect a hospital or whatever to do when tehy get an application from a student... and the hostpial or whatever puts in an inqury to the university as to whether the studnet is legit...

and the university of auckland or otago says 'here is the essay they wrote just prior to graduation about an operation theature gang rape that they were party to and -- how they felt about participating in such an activity'.

must hire??

what do you think?

would you like to hire graduates from new zealand universities?

they force criminals of us all...

that seems to be the aim or the goal or the point or the purpose...

to force criminality on all of us. they want the world to send their criminals here so we can treat them badly and nobody will care.

some people were born here thruogh no fault of their own.




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