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stigma to control the population to reduce demand

Posted by alexandra_k on April 22, 2022, at 20:35:48

new zealand doesn't have any psychiatrists.

possibly. the auckland district health board doesn't understand the question when i ask them to inform me (via public website) how many psychiatrists they have on staff.

i was pretty clear - name. amount of pay. FTE (full time equivalent) position. so, if they are employed to work part time or whatever. so we could see how many full-time equivalent psychiatrists there were on payroll for the auckland district health board.

so i could look into them and see if (if there were any) their medical degree university will acknowledge them etc.

but they didn't understand the question so they won't supply the information.

apparently their books look like this: on payroll. nobody. 'independent specialist services external contract' 'all the money'.

then the district health board chief executive can have her husband or son or third cousin open a 'surgery charity' or whatever where the funds get funnelled into that account and they don't pay taxes because it's a charity. whether or not they do anything i guess they are paid to be 'on call' or something like that.

what they want to portray, now, is that if you say you have anxiety or, more particularly, you say you would like some help with mental health stuff. if you say you would like to see a psychologist or a councellor or wahtever.. then these people will put a little note by your name so that you are cut from medical services.

removed from wait-lists for other operations. for example. so, instead of your being on the surgery wait list for elective they can write you are on a waitlist for psychology. or something like that.

'managing patient flow' i think they call it.

because they got their special smart thinking hats on and decided what the demand was allowed to be. for services. and so now they need the people to comply.

the people are required to want or need what the government thinkers said they would want or need.

and so on.

we are all held hostage to their stupidity.




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