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Re: how to find a job

Posted by alexandra_k on April 22, 2022, at 15:28:56

In reply to Re: how to find a job, posted by alexandra_k on April 22, 2022, at 15:18:00

apparently the job of the government is to engage in 'workforce planning'. they need to plan a workforce.

they need to plan.. 10 years from now, 20 years from now, 30 years from now, 40 years from now... how many people will we need to be working in what occupations?

then they can say how many people they want trained for those occupations.

then they need to see about employing people to train them for those occupations.

occupational training.

so the think-tank need to put their thinking-hats on deciding how many people are going to need to see a neurology specialist per year from what region and how many are going to need to study history... and get busy training and employing and so on, accordingly.

much money is devoted to employing the very best of the people to make pretty projection models to tell us the answer to such important things as what it is that people are required to do (else be starved into compliance) to have a way of life, in nzl.

i suppose none of them read adam smith... and the idea/l of the invisible hand.. how you don't need a central government to be overly controlling (oh, but it's so fun to be paid to plan everything!)...

and the people are just expected to fall into what they have decided. that was how they decided to distribute the grades and so on.


it is strange how they don't think that writing radiology reports... radiology is a very descriptive field... they don't think that verbal skills for medicine... actually they don't think any skills for medicine. compliant. keep your mouth shut about atrocities. do what you are ordered when you are ordered no questions asked.

i didn't properly realise the... the... the thing about how you need to have interviewd and taken a hsitory of a patient yourself before you are involved in prescribign or operating on or treating the patient.

that is to say you are responsible for the consents. etc.

there was stuff, too, about how to write reports when you were employed by third parties. e.g., pre-employment screens etc. i might look at that stuff again...

there is no medicine here.

no health
no justice
no education


worst of all. there is no 'try'. they aren't trying to develop those things. i'm not allowed to work towards trying to develop those things. they are more interested in getting on with their whole compliance thing... bulllies. theres nothign here but a bunch of bullies holding the people hostage




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