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Re: how to find a job

Posted by alexandra_k on April 22, 2022, at 15:18:00

In reply to Re: how to find a job, posted by alexandra_k on April 22, 2022, at 15:10:37


and then were 'vocations' which, traditionally, anyway, were things more like 'callings'.

where people felt very passionately about what they were doing.

artists and the like.

maybe 'the sorts of things you can't force slaves to do'.

i mean... you can... do you enjoy oppressive art that makes you feel oppressed when you view it? the sort of art made by slaves? that makes you feel all dead inside? that sucks the joy right out of you? demented art made by dementors? expressing their torment and pain. is that good for you?

apparently, in nz, most of the arts funding goes to people who are employed as lawyers or accountants or whatever. because getting arts funding is more about applying fo rit, filling out the forms, and them choosing to choose that person for arbitrary reasons that often appear to have more to do with the provention and prohibition of art...

it's the whole control thing. it's not about the money.

they don't get that. they hear 'it's not about the money' and they go 'well then we will starve you out until you learn that it is about the money'. and that's what they try and do...

but it is correct that it is not about the money. it is not about the money that the nz government doesn't pay it's government workers fairly (some are paid far too much and some others are not paid what they are entitled to)...

it is the case that it is all about power and control.

like how rape isn't about sex. it is about power and control. it is not about the money. it is about power and control.

culture of bullies.

nothing to do with maaori culture being violent.

the white people who came here. exiled from the northern hemisphere, i suppose. sent here not because the northern hemisphere wished them to have a better life in australasia. sent here because the northern hemisphere wanted them to f*ck off and die, already.

that entire attitude.

the cultural legacy of being born in nzl




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