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Re: what does the government want?

Posted by alexandra_k on April 22, 2022, at 13:35:49

In reply to what does the government want?, posted by alexandra_k on April 22, 2022, at 13:23:01

apparently we give england food.. and they give us mobile homes, gin, and this thing that they like to call 'chocolate'.

apparently we give malaysia food... and they give us... 300 of those aforementioned itenerant workers. on 2 year work visas (or similar). that means they can come for 2 years for a post-graduate workign holiday, we call it. non-continuing dead-end jobs that nobody in nz will work because they are back-breaking dead-end jobs that don't pay and where there is no career progression. i guess they pay them so it isn't slavery. and i guess they are having 'fun' seeing the sites of new zealand. then they go back to malaysia. with nice references from their employer? to do what? have babies, i suppose...

apparently we give japan the chinese gooseberry.

and agree to hand over our electronic data etc. because... well, we can agree that they have it or we can express upset that they have it. lol. what are ya gonna do?

i think we are supposed to believe the officials of japan got a by for various things they were up to around the time of WWII because they were cooperative with authorities when it came to handing over their data and information.

like the waikato district health board handing it over to 'russian hackers', apparently. i don't know if they trawled it to see if they were marking various people's file basically saying they preferred those people to vanish or be dead or go away. do not treat. only treat badly. that kind or sort of a thing. how racially motivated that decision seemed to be. etc.

we are at the cusp of publically admitting that we don't have psychiatry and psychology in nz. that these things are about criminalising people. for example, if you ask for mental health support then they say 'do not treat' for your non-mental health issues (too). e.g., take people off transplant list if they say they have anxiety.

of course it's just excuses excuses excuses excuses excuses.

it simply comes down to 'and we don't choose you and we do whatever we want whenever we wnat for whatever arbitrary reasons we want'.

i went to some seminar where this lady... she had 3 kidney transplants. she had 2 just through the publci system. then persuaded a brother to donate the third one she got in the hope it would be a better match.

how does 1 person get 3 kidneys from the public system... while other people are being removed from the list for no good reason... while other people are just on the list... never getting any...

this is the public system. not a private system. we don't have a pay for organs system in nz.




i suppose she likely didn't actually pay cash or whatever. i suppose once they went to work removing everyone else from the wait list there was no alternativel. she was the only eligible person. there simply weren't enough people wanting a kidney in nz.

and i wonder how they foudn teh donor...

there was something in teh high court about a guy saying specifically he did NOT want his relatives organs harvested. tehn he suspected that the organs were harvested despite his request that they not be harvested. apparently they transplanted something into someone else without consent.

you go... what a selfish prick for wanting the organs to go to waste when they could have used them to help someone else...

what's to stop them finding a match and then immobilising them and saying tehy are 'brain dead' until you sign the consent forms to have the organs donated?




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