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family dramas...

Posted by alexandra_k on April 21, 2022, at 22:38:55

so, i'm really not sure what to do about my sister...

i have enjoyed her company, and she has been kind to me, but i don't really know her very well, really. i don't. i don't feel that i do.

i feel... sometimes i feel that she might be dodgey (legally speaking) in ways that i don't want to be part of... i really don't want to be part of. please don't tell me about anything to do with anything like that because then i would have a quandry, really, about what to do about it... whether to report you... but you are family...

and then i worry that that feeling of mine might be coming from a place of my being paranoid. my being a bit untrusting because of historical stuff and i am getting the vibe wrong... and i don't want to stabotage or undermine anything because of my own issues... and i'm not sure. i don't know.

but what has happened was that before mother died she gave my sister her bank card and she did say to clear everything out of the account and pay some bills she had coming in. to take the money out in case she died suddenly and the money was tied up with the estate. to make sure the bills were paid on time. she said she may as well take all the money out of the account. that there were term deposits maturing into there. she maybe said something even about breaking bank bonds and getting the money out. she said about giving a 'gift' to each of us three girls (a few thousand each)...

she said about the two boys she adopted.. one died. he was in the will, but he died. the other boy mum adopted but then she split with her husband relatively soon after and that other boy lived with his father and subseuently his new wife and was raised as theirs. she said he was out of hte will since he had a new family... but after the other boy died... she felt us girls weren't losing anything so she wrote him back into the will.

my sister does not seem happy at all about him being in teh will at all. she got it into her head that she was to get all the money out that she could and distribute it to us girls so as to cut him out from having any of it.

there ended up being around $100,000 in the bank accounts with term deposits maturing into it. that was early distributed between us girls. i haven't sat down and worked the numbers to check... i don't know if they add up... but i do know the money was distributed out of the estate early...

later i learned that there is osmething about the 6 months prior to death. i suppose as some kind of a safeguard on people putting undue pressur eon people near the endo f their life.. so... in other words.. i don't know if mum's stated gifts to us girls is something that can or should be acknowledged since mum did not write down that that was what she wanted. there is only my and my sisters word... i don't know...

anyway... so i end up with tens of thousands in my account. and i'm not actually very happy about this. because i don't know what to do with it.

i mean... my understanding was that when people win lotto or something (so get a substantive amount coming to them out of the blue) that they have some financial advice or soething before they release the money to them.

i did try and talk to my bank. i did set up 1 term deposit. right before inflation went through the roof. i asked them by email to set up another of equal value... but they didn't. i also asked people to set me up with kiwisaver investment so i could put in the amount for the matched governmetn contribution and they didn't set it up.

so the money just sits in my bank account.. and it does get whittled away on beer and entertainment (i got an x box and nintendo etc etc)... which it feels... somewhat forced to do...

since i appear to be locked out of investment.

so... i guess to get the money and f*ck*ng get the hell out of here.

that's what people do post-graduation. or post-secondary school. go 'backpacking' or whatever. they are looking for jobs. i guess that's the thing really.

and if you blow the whole inheritance on trying to find something...

wwell what else are you supposed to do with it? just hand it over to the nz government?

they have stopped my welfare payments. i checked this online thing.. and the courts say i ower them tens of thousands because they found agains tme in the high court. the governmetn did not uphold the laws of international community or domesetic statutes. but i'm supposed to devote years of my life and tens of thousands of dollars to them to better enable them to perpeptuate their crimes.

i guess i write to them and try and explain the situation.

they are just trying to force me to criminality so they can go 'see see see you are just like us and you lose'

because it's such a f*ck*ng delightful place to live, like that




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