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yes, i am naming names.. very specifically..

Posted by alexandra_k on April 20, 2022, at 22:43:02

In reply to inflation up to 7 per cent..., posted by alexandra_k on April 20, 2022, at 19:26:29


because i am interested in justice *actually being* done.

i don't think that anybody thinks that people falling on their sword is justice.

when we hear that Epstein killed himself (with no public viewing so that his victims could even ascertain that that he was actually dead) i don't think that anybody thought that justice was done.

even if the victims got to publicly view and be sure, in themselves, that he was really not going to do this to anybody else ever again, i don't really think that him being dead is just.

i don't actually believe that the worst offenders in this country are the CE's or the people i'm naming. i imagine that there are people behind the scenes who i have never met, who i am unlikely to ever meet, and who are more responsible for having these CE's believe that they are required to do certain things in order to have their jobs at all.

i imagine chris whelan understood that he was appointed into the position on the understanding that he could inform the vice chancellors of whistleblowers to ensure they were excluded insofar as he was to do anything with complaints that he received, at all.

like the teachers understand which kids to give the answers to (or which kids to record as having the answers) and so on. if they want to be paid, at all.

the group is smaller and smaller and smaller and smaller and smaller.. the group who gets paid.

more and more and more are excluded.

they won't say what the exmployment rate is because i imagine... 1/4 of the people? i think probably less than 1/4 of the people have full time employment. they say people are excluded for various reasons... less than 1/8th? perhaps.. we have a young population. i don't remember how many are under 16... less than 1 in 10 have full time employment?

the government went and put most of the small businesses out of business so the government could claw the money back into the government monopolies. apparently that's what they have invested kiwisaver funds in...

how many people in nz have a kiwisaver account? i mean to say, what proportion of the population? 1 in 10?

we are supposedly getting food to malaysia. what do they give us in return? do they ship us the kids they want us to break? ruin? their undesirables? or do they allow the trade ships through from elsewhere? is it like paying a tax to use the suez canal. nzs relationship with malaysia?

i don't know.




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