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Re: i have an idea in lieu of justice

Posted by alexandra_k on April 20, 2022, at 12:26:50

In reply to Re: i have an idea in lieu of justice, posted by alexandra_k on April 20, 2022, at 12:19:58

it's not about the money. of course.

not any more than rape is about sex.

it's about power and control.

the government says that they will pay people more, then, and then they, effectively, print more money, so that inflation will keep the social hierarchy the same as it was before.

in fact, usually, when they start making noises about agreeing to pay the people more, then, they actually move things in directions of even more social inequality. in order to well and truly punish the people for having complained in the first place.

it must always be costly to punish.

the victim must be forced to bear the cost.

that's how we do, in new zealand.

we steal candy from babies (i mean, what are they going to do about it -- right?)

would you like to do 'business' with new zealand?

perhaps you have some segment of your population that you would like to exterminate? then we can work together for the mutual elimination of them all?

shall the overlords of various nations cooperate... shall there be a draft, then, where the overlords can arranage for their people to go die over there, then. maybe put them to work digging their own graves first. do a little yoga so they are well practiced in lying flat.

breed breed breed breed breed breed breed! went the government of new zealand.

all yo people on welfare... we want you to have babies. we will pay you extra every week for every baby you bear!!

have babies!

have babies!

have babies!

new zealand: Farmers... of people.

the people the people the people the people the people.

who wants meat from new zealand?

put our people to work, then. they'll work for the lowest of the lowest of the lowest of the low position on the social hierarchy. we've trained them well!!!

all about the people...




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