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Re: i have an idea in lieu of justice

Posted by alexandra_k on April 20, 2022, at 12:19:58

In reply to i have an idea in lieu of justice, posted by alexandra_k on April 20, 2022, at 12:10:56

so we have various things...

glasses being one. whether your glasses are 'poor people' glasses, of the sort subsidised by work and income new zealand to have you visibly marked as a member of the underclass or...

increasingly... white teeth.

i think the white teeth thing likely started because of implants. you get a tooth knocked out or it cracks or whatever and they need to replace it... then yellow-matching becomes an issue. or placing a white implant where it looks visibly fake or false. so... bleach the teeth around it, i guess... i suppose the whitening thing was about that...

a 'costly signal' that one had access to dental.

not a mark or a marker of health or whatever. uniformly yellow teeth would actually be a marker or bearer of that information. information that one actually had teeth that hadn't fallen or been knocked out.. a healthy mouth of teeth in ones head.

which the people with access to whitening stuff like like to have eliminated from teh earth i suppose.

in the arms race of how we can destroy everything the fastest.


i do take the point that some people... don't need to spend their lives bitching and moaning and complaining and so on... not beecause their lives are perfect... but they spend their energy and effort getting on with productive activity.

i do take that point.

and then i look at the productive activity that i'd done... and how people refused to acknowledge or credit it... refusing to grant me qualifications and allow progression etc...

to force me into a hole whereby i was locked out of productive activity.


like how they set up these 'writing camp' set ups for the people who have been marked as 'lazy' or 'non-productive' where they arrange for noises and distractions every 20 minutes etc etc... doing everything they can to stop the people from producing anything... so they can call them 'lazy' and 'non productive'

i'm so happy i'm a gamma baby. i don't have to work half as much as ashley! i'm so pleased i'm a gamma baby. i don't have to work half as much as his kids who get to go off skiing while various other people take their parents money and sign off on their work-place internships... i'm so lucky to be a gamma baby!!

it's how nz gets to have and to be the most productive economy in the world!!!!

with teh very very highest of the best of the overlords. clearly.




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