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Re: another year of wrongly decided

Posted by alexandra_k on January 5, 2022, at 15:58:42

In reply to Re: another year of wrongly decided, posted by alexandra_k on January 5, 2022, at 15:43:02

apparently we don't need courts of judiciary because we have this thing called 'the court of popular opinion' otherwise known as rule by angry mob whereby the angry mob decide who is and who is not to be stoned to death on the basis of features or factors that are reality tracking.

you know how it goes...

things like 'old people are stupid' and 'black people are stupid' and 'anyone who isn't my kid is worth less than my kid' and so on...

all of the cognitive biases and heuristics and so on that go unchecked in this retard-land because people are never held to account.

they just go about doing whatever they want whenever they want becuase they want.

Harlene Hayes got some medal, apparently. For how it was that she managed to arrange things around and about the University whereby there was a distinct underclass population of kids where they were destined, really, to be fodder or bait for the people wanting to play doctor in the ER on a Friday or Saturday night. People picked out to be en masse victims of rape or injury or whatever living in residential halls that promote mass consumption of alcohol or student flats that promote people not having locks on their bedroom doors etc... Keeping the kids so cold they are forced to communal sleeping just to survive the winter..

Anyway.. So kids die... By being trampelled in mobs trying to get in or out the door for those parties where the people are huddling trying not to die of the cold in the winter-time... Where people die from balconies collapsing...

Anyway... She gets hailed as mighty leader with honors becuase one of the parents... I don't quite understand... They decided to give the Univesrity a bunch of money for having killed their kid. Something something about setting up a fund in memorial for their kid who was killed by the University for all of the University practices etc etc that they condoned and facilitated etc etc under Harlenes watch.

Now she's off to same old same old the University of Western Australia. It will be warmer over there...

But she managed to prevent and prohibit the developoment of geo- technology. Also science. She sort of killed the humanities and the arts and closed down many quality departments trying to force everyone through the same bottle-neecks. Onward ho to 10+ years of 'apprencice' slavery until the visas expire and people can be deported without their qualification completions. Maybe a little rapey rapey rape on the way out? Or maybe that is Auckland's speciality?

We aren't even trying to get with the programme...

I wonder if the VC of the NZVCC is going to get back to his usual job of blackbirding this year?

We refuse to engage in anything at all to uphold the quality and integrity of NZ University qualifications. We couldnt' be undermining them any faster than we are...

Really. I mean...

How much money does one have to pay to a second year medical student to get them to sign off on your ability to murder and rape and torture with impunity... sell off the medical supplies to overseas -- right? Start giving out 'placebo'?

Are we more corrupt than South Africa?

Apparently yes. People from there take their money and come here to spend it on the various corrupt things they want to get up to.

Mexico, too.

That's how corrupt we are. the prison camp detention camp island of the world.

By teh design of the people picked out to be leaders.

I suppose that is the meritocracy, of sorts.

How you keep the morally depraved as low as they can go.

Do not travel to the exclusion zone. There's nothing here. No so far as I can see...

Where is my Degree for my 1 year of research that I did in 2018? Where is my place in Med? There was a published algorithm for the purposes of accountability in selection. They are not applying their algorithm for the purposes of selection. When this is broguht to their attention they refuse to work to put things right. The courts refuse to uphold the laws. The courts refuse to make them be accountable.

It's quite the destination for all the morally depraved individuals who have been struck off everywhere else in the world.

By design.




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