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Posted by alexandra_k on September 8, 2021, at 23:03:49

so now spain is going to agree to say that we paid them for spain to deliver us however many doses so that our numbers add up. the numbers of how many doses have been administered, and how many doses we have paid for, i mean to say.

because they went 'how are we going to get people vaccinating quickly quickly quickly...' and they decided that they could get herds of children through very very quickly... have 1 or 2 adults roll up with a car full of kids -- right? so they could get the doses into arms quickly...

and they are only little -- right? so we can give them just a little dose -- right? maybe a half dose? so if the manufacturer says 5 doses per vial we can deliver 10... so then our rates of delivery are higher -- right?

only... we did pay for however many doses. so oopsie. oopsie. yeah. maths is really really really really really really hard. it is so hard. oh the headaches how hard it is to see how brilliant the masterminds are that are allowed to do maths... yeah. right.

so anyway, for a sum of money spain has agreed to say that they are going to sell us some of their doses. so that we have enough doses provided to cover the number that have been administered already.

some people got saline. but it is against the bill of rights to experiment on people without their consent. so, uh, that turns out to be problematic. it turns out to be problematic to have experimented with people by giving them less of a dose than they were supposed to get for a dose.

but of course this is why the manufacturers would only supply to nzl citizens without waiving manufacturers liabilty. because no amount of liability insurance makes it worth doing business with or by or through the government of new zealand.

you just know they are looking for ways to make a quick buck. ways to be clever. ways to be cleverer than people who... are actually focused on the job rather than focused on enabling child abuse and so on.

i don't think the international community thinks jacinda ardern is particularly... admirable... when she attempts sympathy for victims of terrorism 2.0 once the international community learns that the police had been following him around... that new zealand government employees had been involved in sort of 'war games' with him... refusing to believe him. trying to deport him. refusing to provide assistance to him. trying to make him escalate. provoking him to criminality. so as to result in collateral damage so they could shoot him. just terrible. terrible.

i don't know how the world allowed us to take refugees from afghanastan.

maybe they didn't. maybe they sent us the actual terrorists. i mean, if they didn't... it wouldn't take so very very many years of abuse in new zealand because we turned them into that.





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