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one trick pony

Posted by alexandra_k on August 20, 2021, at 18:19:10

so we have these people who are employed to take nasal swabs. for the testing. i don't think we have managed to utilise saliva testing. the government says it is available, but i don't know who it is available to. how many of them have been done. i don't think that's the way of it.

and they are doing them in a sort of a drive-through fashion. so people sit in their cars.

i think you can get them from gp clinics too.. i don't know. i haven't been tested, at all. nada. not once.


and we have a vaccine roll-out. and half the members of the district health board were vaccinated as part of group 1 (were vaccinated first) apparently because a clnician (employed by the dhb) said that it was alright... nobody who should have been in group 1 was missing out on their vaccine because the dhb was taking them.

but now. (months and months and months later) there are still nurses and front-line people-facing hospital staff workers who have not had any covid vaccine.

now the important thing (that we are not tracking) is how many of them who WANT a vaccine HAVEN'T BEEN ABLE TO GET ONE. How many WANT a vaccine but have been PREVENTED OR PROHIBITED FROM HAVING ONE.

If only we were collecting up informed consent forms... That people filled out online... FOr themself only. So we know how many people are ready to go.. Ready to get vaccinated. Waiting on the NZL government. I suppose I have identified the reason why we don't want to collect that information.


Police are saying they haven't been offered vaccine.

When they have to deal with people who are going postal... The inner city homeless who get by, some of them, from pinching things off the shelves of the inner city supermarkets... Who are not wearing face masks. Who will spit in faces... Those kinds of oproblematic people are on the rise...


Police haven't been offered vaccine. Security at the supermarkets haven't been offered vaccine


Booked vaccine appointments. Shut down. Stopped for a couple days.


Appparently they needed to train the vaccine staff in how to wear PPE and how to arrange for socially distanced (2 meter) delivery of vaccines.

Why didn't they set things up that way in the first place???



And apparently staff who were administering vaccine needed to be re-deployed to taking nasal swabs.

Because there were positive cases at High Scools and Large University Classes.

So you have the 1,000+ kids at the school wanting tests. ANd their families.


I guess we didn't train enough people to do nasal swabs and to administer vaccines.

NO surge capacity... And we were pottering through at a pace or rate of... Only the most minimum or minimal of standards all the way along...

How slow can we go???

And then.. Have staff on call if need be.

Can nobody really think kof a productive use of their time??

Not going to pay athem to keep them on staff...

No surge capacity...


Will not pay full time workers. Nope. Nada.


I saw something that made me really really really really really really really really really really cross:

Don't wear a N95 mask. Apparently. Because they are short of masks for health professionals.


Could we possibly be any more corrupt?????

They never did the fit testing.




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