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the detention camps of new zealand

Posted by alexandra_k on August 14, 2021, at 17:17:19

In reply to and the longer you drag it out..., posted by alexandra_k on August 14, 2021, at 17:07:23

they are not hospitals and they are not universities: they are detention camps.

we do not appear to have hospitals or universities.

it isn't that there is a functioning private sector. the same 'doctors' who work in the public hospitals are doing the same old same old up to same old tricks (no informed consents, not operating with the most basic standard of care with respect to who is allowed to scrub in and with respect to the most basic of steralisation protocols)...

there is nothing here.



it's just an elaborate hoax.

a thin veneer.

on the fact that it is detention camp island.

just a series of government detention camps full of... well.. prisoners. slaves.

people who haven't done anything wrong.

it isn't about waiting for things to be processed...

unless you are talking about processing their dead bodies in the slops...

there's nothing here. nobody home. nada. zip. zilch. zero.


the university of auckland pulled out of ULANZ.

that was a reciprocal lending scheme for the library.

it meant that researchers at melbourne, say, could get books through auckland. so if they were visiting academics.

it meant that people enrolled at Auckalnd, say, could get books through any other ULANZ university in NZ or Australia.

it meant that if Auckland were to start removing the books off the shelves then international community would notice that fact.

It meant that if Auckland were to start removing the books off the shelves and off the online access then their own students and staff could still access those books that had been removed or vanished by the ULANZ the books would arrive from those other libraries.

That is to say by removing the University from ULANZ the University made it so academics enrolled in Auckland had their book access cut by the University. They were not able to borrown from the international lelnding system anymore...

That was something I remember... Different people showing me what was showing up for them in tehir library searches. Different University access... So, you know, people from MIT logging into the system back home and showing me what search results. What they could access from Australia...

We are not part of internaitonal community. Haven't been for quite some time.

Cut off.

Not contributing.

Not allowed to contribute.

NZL isn't training people for the UN.

Doctors without borders and the like.

I'm sure the little pedophiles would love to do something like that.

That's the problem.

Detention camp island. Nothing here. Nobody home.

HEre comes the Covid...




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