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and the longer you drag it out...

Posted by alexandra_k on August 14, 2021, at 17:07:23

the worse it gets.

the longer you delay...

the worse it gets.

the longer you drag it out...

the worse it gets.

the worse it gets. the more time goes on. the worse it gets.

the delays to justice. the worse it is. the worse it gets.

when covid gets here it will get here a doozy...

all the work...

all the work...

all the work that has gone into ensuring that there is nothing here. so the people can be decimiated. all the work.

all the work involved in setting up these elaborate pay-structures of chief executive of the managers administration taking all the money out for doing none of the operational things.

all the work involved in gutting the social services. nothing operational. nothing functional. nothing there.

all the work.

all the work involved in selling off the state owned assets. all the work involved in insuring we don't have ppe and face masks and we don't have buildings.

all the work involved in ensuring the upkeep of everything was not done. nothing was maintained. none of the most basic of infrastructure tasks.

all the work.

all the work involved in ensuring that there was nothing here. all the work involved in setting this country up to be decimated.

all the work.

quite the job, huh. quite the job. quite the elaborate f*ck*ng set up.

to make this country the waste land of the *rs* end of nowhere.

a f*ck*ng joke hell hole of a sh*t show.

the f*ck*ng psychopath idiots too stupid to parse english.

all the f*ck*ng work.

all the f*ck*ng work.

what a f*ck*ng joke.


where is my degree?
my 1 year research degree for the 1 year of research that i did?

the statute says the universities are required to allow studnets the academic freedom to work to international standards of scholarship.

the calendar regulations say the outcome of exam is to be based in reports of 2/3 external examiners.

the calendar regulations say when re-enrolment and re-examination is required 'the thesis will be returned to the candidate'.

the examiners instruction pack stated that the courier costs of thesis return (if required) would be reimbursed to the examiners.

the examiners REFUSED TO RETURN THE THESIS TO THE CANDIDATE. The university asked them to return the thesis and they refused. the examiners kept the intellectual property which signified the University had no authority to demand re-enrolment and re-examination.

The University was required to get my substantively updated thesis back to examiners so they could sign me off within 10 weeks. Because the Calendar regulations state that the outcome of examination that required substantive changes without re-enrolment was that the substantive changes were to be signed off within 10 weeks.

The university refused to get the work to the examiners. They sent out a letter saying I had 'one month to comply with demands of htis letter to re-enrol and pay more fees otherwise you will never receive your qualification'.

And I am waiting on the courts to go 'gee, that's a demand for a bribe to be paid. that's a demand for a facilitation payment. that's a demand for an exit payment. that's extortion. that's unlawful.'

And to demand that the public university of new zealand give me my f*ck*ng degree for the f*ck*ng work that i did.

where is my degree?


They are required to enrol me in medicine. Because I was eligible to be enrolled and their selection criterion means they are supposed to offer places on the basis of rank order score.

They had a f*ck*ng meltdown and refused to calculate my GPA according to their published algorithm.

They don't do any of the things they are supposed to do.

The government of new zealalnd. the execeutive. the universiteis. there's ntohing here. theres nobody home.

bad people live here.
bad people have taken over the hospotials and the universities.
bad people

do not travel to new zealand.

most corrupt country on earth




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