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nerve damage??

Posted by alexandra_k on July 9, 2021, at 0:20:48

so i definately need to work on my breathing...
many years of shallow breathing because of the cold.
and then many years of smoking.
and then loss of elastic fibre when you get past your 20s or whatever.

the lungs get more compliant. so they will fill up a lot. and i think there is a neuromuscular coordination aspect to getting as much air out of them as you can with a deep exhale. to contract your muscles so the air is pushed out of the lungs with open airways. as opposed to contraction that results in closing off the airways so the air in the lungs can't be expired properly (more of an asthmatic thing with the muscle fibres in the tubes). really pushing the air out starting from the lungs and working up.... from the smaller muscles in the smaller airways... and so on...

then breathing in like through a straw so the muscles are contracting to really draw the air in and the air is directed down into the lungs which will push against and help compress the spine...

i get tiny little glimmer of 'yes!! yes!! i nearly sort of did somethig a little like'

it is like olympic lifting. to start with. i was having trouble forming the intention. i was having trouble forming a conception of what i was aiming to do...


i feel like i need to stretch.... or be pulled... but then sometimes (in yoga) i have felt like i have injured myself a little pulling my joints apart in a way that wasn't good.

today i was doing some poses... from the ground up. which was cool. usually (normally, quite often) the yoga flow starts from standing and then moves to seated and lying... but we did some lying and seated stuff and then worked on standing... anyway... i could get into a forward fold (from hip flexion rather than hyper-mobile lumbar spine + tight chest and shoulders) much better getting into it from wiggling feet forward from down-dog or lunge.

triangle causes me all kinds of problems. i feel... i simply am not long enough to get into that posture. foam rolling my adductors helps a lot... a lot... if my feet are facing forwards. but if i turn one foot then i feel like there isn't enough room...

anyway... today i really felt that it was an issue of... neural flossing. because of my lumbar spine compression injury. i think.... i did do some nerve damage in my lumbar spine. and it's nerve restriction. i have trouble with that place, too... trying to roll on my back... using my abs to help push the erector muscles into the floor... there is a region where i can't get the erector muscles to create a nice round cushion to roll on. there's a sort of area of... paralaysis. or numbness. or.. blindness. a sort of a blind spot. yeah.

anyway... working up into triangle from a forwards sort of lunge.. i really found an a-symmetry. i could do it in one direction quite well. but then doing the other side... my body started to do this brain f*rt thing it does... where i am (very genuinely) like 'i can't quite see what you are up to... is this the same side i did before or the other side tee hee... which side am i doing...??)

(my weak side plays dumb and honestly and truly fools me into not working it.... like how your frontal lobes truly won't be able to count your working reps when squats get hard they simply do start telling you fibs... and you can't even count to 5....)

and when pushed... there was a lot of restriction. and the just gently trying... it definately felt like a nerve thing... like itching just the right place... and a nerve thing, yeah.. hmm.

that's really good. to discover something quite major like that. a major very very noticable a-symmetry.

it's good to discover things like that. because it is new you don't have diminishing return progress when you work that issue. you get to have beginners gains. yay.




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