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pay the oppressor pay the abuser

Posted by alexandra_k on May 22, 2021, at 14:32:43

In reply to culture of bullies, posted by alexandra_k on May 22, 2021, at 14:23:15

how much money did you pay my mother to have me?

how much money did you pay my mother to keep me?

how much money did you pay other people to keep me over the years, too?

how much did you pay my secondary schools for keeping me?

how much did you pay the hospital for keeping me?

how much did you pay the universities for keeping me?

how much did you pay all of these thigns over the years to keep me oppressed?

how much did they profit?

how much did you give them for keeping me?

how much per week did they get?

the correspondance school rings me up concerned they won't get money for having me if i don't submit a piece of work...

one of the teachers... english... tries to (rather heavy handedly) convince me to enrol in english. a 7th paper. because otherwise *gasp* i might not get entrance to university. she wouldn't want it to turn out that i don't get to go back to university because i didn't enrol in english as a 7th paper. that's the pastoral care i get. the quality advice. *give us more money* or *we can get more money from teh government for having you*.

well done new zealadn government. that's a lot of money you spent. far more than you needed to. think how much less you could have spent by givng the funds to manage me to me and let me manage myself. instead of spending how much money on other people so they could manage or abuse me.

the lengths people have gone to to abuse me. the amount of money that has been invested in abusing me.

just wow.

just wow.

and where is my degree?

oh, we were saying that one... we were saving actual jobs for people who we can pay to abuse others.

that's the way of it.




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