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nz history curriculum and white privaledge

Posted by alexandra_k on May 19, 2021, at 12:44:43

In reply to russell mcveagh, posted by alexandra_k on May 19, 2021, at 10:11:45

apparently we are going to start teaching white privaledge in our schools.

i mean, we have been teaching white privaledge since forever... but now we are going to teach it very explicitly, as such.

the story goes...

maaori have never stood a chance in the face of colonialism. they never really were offered opportunities to be educated and so on that some (let's face it) some... white folk were.

and this white privaledge. this idea of white supremacy... where a few.. just a certain special chosen few children of the elite whites were to collect up all the money and the resources and the educational qualifications and the training places and the very best jobs (the chief executive of the mangerial administration of managers who is above the law because the laws are written to mandate everythnig that they do and decree)...

and this idea of white supremacy and white privaledge will be used not only to teach maaori (and pacifica and also chinese) their proper place in new zealand historically and through to this very day. it will also be used to induce guilt upon the poor white who have been excluded from the white supremacist agenda. the trailor trash white. the homeless white. the white thrown to the abusers and so on. they will be blamed (guilted and shamed) for all of the actions and vices of the elite white.

and so they will teach this explicitly int he schools now. the proper places historically and through to this present day.

and so now the kids can undersetand why it is that they don't have a chance. that they never will have a chance. that there are no opportunities. that they won't get an education. and so on.

it will all be explicitly taught in the schools.

it's how we do.

like the inter-generatioanl study of poverty. wehere we write down (for our sh*ts and giggles) the horrible state of poverty and oppression and the awful effects of that.

and we just write it all up... write up all that we see. for the amusement of the elite white.

hahahhahhhahhahaha and what are you going to do about it?

apparently it is costly to punish. that's the elite white propaganda. so if you choose to speak up... the game is... if you speak up... then you will be punished. to make it more costly for your having spoken up than for your being silent.

that's the game they are very committed to.

that's the game they appear to be playing with the courts.

timliness is part of justice. so... paying reparation that increases as time goes on... for not putting things right in a timely fashion.

so there is an incentive to put things right in a timely fashion.

hemorrhaging money for delays.

not this slllllllllllllllllow doooooooooooooooown allllllllllllllllex
(and another 100,000 rolls over for me)
waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaait. iiiiiiiiiiiiii didn't quiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiite uuuuuuuuuuuuunderstaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand
(and another 100,000 rolls over for me)
buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut waiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. what about thisssssssssssssssssssss
(and another 100,000 rolls over for me)

see that game (when teh delays profit the offender) is not justice.

social contract and all that.

people are starting to get weaponed up in nz. to protect themselves from teh government and the administration. yup. supplied from overseas. because the government and adminstration has had too much control over the maaori gangs. doing deals with them (e.g., allowing them to stop the public in the name of covid. the roadblocks etc. allowing them to prevent people from going about their lawful business. bullying them into going away).

the sort of dodgey deals they do to keep the peace.

turning a blind eye to things.

refusing to prosecute the people who create noise and violence in neighbourhoods.

and so on.




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