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supplying weapons to israel

Posted by alexandra_k on May 17, 2021, at 4:55:44

In reply to Re: and what are you going to do about it?, posted by alexandra_k on May 17, 2021, at 3:44:05

oh but we were just supplying *samples* we wern't actually going to sell them weapons.

yeah right.

we were going to give the people with the most money whatever they wanted.

we are sell outs like that.

no integrity.



and of course it was just a test (yet another test) to see if nz would actually do the right thing (for once it it's f*ck*ng history) or if it still is going to persist in doing the wrong thing. every. f*ck*ng. time.

and of course you pass the ball to nz -----

and dun dun dun dun, like always. the ball is dropped.

apparently it's okay to send samples. because teh samples won't be used in the present conflict. i think maybe jacinda got a pinkie swear? i don't know.

and apparently it isn't in violation of human rights laws, internationally, to double bunk convicted criminals (murderers and rapists etc) with asylum seekers while their asylum application is being processed.

i mean... it's how nz informs the asylym seeker of what they can expect of their new life in new zealand.

and if they choose to persist in asylum application despite how we treated them....

that's consent.


they were asking for it?


like the little law girls. and medical girls. and all the kiddies. they know what they are signing up for -- right?

and it's just about biding your time until you have peole all of your own who you can abuse!!!! wow!!! then you really know that you have made it in life!!!




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