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the psychological abuse... that is new zealand

Posted by alexandra_k on April 27, 2021, at 3:47:23

so the judges have the power to instruct you to file another statement of claim.

the judges have the power to refuse to accept or refuse to process the statement of claim that you filed...

and substitute something different in it's place.

so if you file a statement of claim about corruption in the government.. about government officials refusing to perform their statutory function.. the judge can take that out of it and substitute somethign different entirely.

i'm ineffectually whining about the fact that i produced a substandard thesis.

the judges keep saying 'the examiners reports were unfavorable'

i don't get to cross-examine the judges.

so judge of the high court of new zealand...

where, in teh reports of examiners does it say 're-enrolment is required'





point to where?

don't change the subject.

don't change the subject.

that's irrelevant.

where... in the report of the examiner... does it say re-enrolment is required?

where does it say re-examination is required?



nowhere in teh reports of examiners does it say that re-enrolment and reexamination are required.

both of the reports say it will be acceptable once changes have been made to teh substance.

there is a list of outcomes of examination... outcome (c) says teh studnet has up to 10 weeks to have the changes signed off by the supervisor or an examiner.

the univerity REFUSED to get the altered thesis back to examiners. the university REFUSED To allow the studnet to work to einternational standards of scholarship. Teh university REFUSED to get the work to examiners to PROHIBIT them signing the student off.

so the university could give the student a letter:

'you have one month to comply with demands of this letter to re-enrol and pay more fees... if conditions in this letter ar enot met you will never receive your degree'

if that isn't demand for bribe / extortion...

what would these things look like?

new zealand doesn't see how corrupt it is.

teh universities don't acknowledge overseas examiners.

but then overseas examiners arent' acknowledging our qualifiations anymore either.

we are only signing students off once they have paid bribes / plagarised / performed unethical experiments / falsified laboratory data.

there is no way through for studnets in new zealand anymore




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