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Re: German lunatic politicians: 800%tax onE-Cig-Liquid

Posted by alexandra_k on March 15, 2021, at 20:42:07

In reply to Re: German lunatic politicians: 800%tax onE-Cig-Liquid, posted by alexandra_k on March 4, 2021, at 12:36:06

I never did think that vapeing was a good idea.

I mean to say it seemed dangerous because of what we have learned about drugs and addiction and it seemed like a very very very easy and convenient way to get a lot of people addicted and then take advantage of that.

I mean so say I couldn't believe (only I could) how much public health in NZ got behind it.

It just seemed obvious to me that they would manipulate / change the recipe of what was in the product for the interests of maximum profits. Always. That was the plan.

I see it in the supermarkets in the very very highly processed foods.

Potato chips is a big deal in NZ. I don't know if it's an Irish thing or what but NZers eat potato chips like they're afraid there's going to be a famine... And it's about the flavorings and the perservatives... It's about the chemicals they are drenched in / with these days. And the branding alters and the pricing alters and the flavors alter... The chemical composition.

ANd they... Every now and then I realise... They taste nothing at all like potato chips. I mean to say... Potatoes and oil and a little salt. They are repositories of chemicals. Toxic chemicals. Made to increase sales and likely also increase the sales of pharamaceuticals now, too, that the food manufactuerers are being more explicit about being in and selling pharmaceuticals now as a remedy for the toxins in the food they sell the people...



But... The... Uh... Crack pipes. For the people. Yeah.

They reckon nicotine is around 4 x as addictive as heroin. I think that was based on how many people manage to quit vs not. War. Soldiors coming back after the war. They were given rations of both during the war, you see. And it was easier for them to quit heroin (or maybe it was morphene) than nicotine.

But there's more to cigarettes (addictive wise) than nicotine... I still do see people smoking...

And fentanyl...

Oxycodone.. I don't remember.


Dollar dollar bills y'all.

I need to do a food detox. The food I've been eating is killing me.

That's why the NZ government gets the population health people to market it.


When they're not poisoning the water and refusing to comply with world standards on how much lead is acceptable.




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