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Re: drunk with power

Posted by alexandra_k on November 4, 2020, at 14:19:24

In reply to Re: drunk with power, posted by alexandra_k on November 4, 2020, at 14:04:18

i keep waiting for the bomb to drop. because i don't see how things can sort themselves out or be put right from within. it would be so much easier to just bomb it. just raise it to the ground. then start over. from the ground up.

universities new zealand. that's the thing of it.

that's the brand of it. to realise that. to recognise that. to see that for what it is.

they say that the problem is that the universities in new zealand have been competitive rather than collaborative. they say that the problem is that they have been competing for studnets and competing for funding but they would do better if they worked together.

but that's not true.

they have engaged in monopoly behavior. they have engaged in price fixing and grade fixing and all those kinds of things. collectively. as a herd or a cartel or whatever. that's the truth of it. they have intentionally set out to exploit and take advantage of and so on and so forth.

they have worked together to ensure that they get maximum funds out of every studnet. the reason why the waiheke island people get priority entry to Otago is because if they go to Otago they are required to live in student residential halls that they are required to pay for. if they were to get into Auckland then they would live at home. So... they see... what studnets will take a prestigious sounding scholarship for their cv.. Maybe one that pays them $5,000 for a place in a University that requires $17,000 (let's say) of payment for residential halls fees.

they also decided that the primary aim or goal or whatever was to get the maximum amount of fees they could out of every studnet. and they planned pathways to ensure that. medical studnets quite often are required to repeat a year. they obscure it by getting studnets to do honors year etc etc as well... if you don't agree to hand them extra money for enrolling in extra things then they'll force the money out of you by failing you and making you repeat the things. one thing is clear: they are getting the maximum money out of you. and they get a lot of money out of medical students when they force them to repeat teh year. and they shame them into being quiet about it. so it doesn't become common knowledge that they are failing them if they refuse to hand over money for doing additional things like honors.

and then when they have their medical degrees (that they only get becuase they either stood by or more likely committed atrocities on demand... atrocities like involuntary confinement without grounds, sexual molestation / abuse, wrongful death)... once they have their medical degrees (safe in the knowledge they'll turn a blind eye if not become an active participant themselves) then they require them to enrol in... more courses... more courses for the chance of being selected into a specialist training programme. so pay the university... pay the university to do a surgical anatomy module. pay the university to do this, that, and the other thing. pay st johns (multi million dollar charity) and they will offer you certificates in first aid. things like that. ambulatory care. what?? you mean that the universities are actually subcontracting out the content? well. who did you think was going to teach studnets to wash their hands? there's a 'hand hygeine australia' module studnets are required to do. it's free -- but most of the learning modules aren't.

that's the medical curriculum.

are there textbooks?

well, now you seem to be thinking that it's a meritocracy and there's a bsasic level of knowledge or competence that's required. there might be a multi guess test. 'how you you spell streptoccus pyogenes??' that kind or sort of a test. to help you focus on what's important in your studies.

there's ntohing here.




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