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messages... brought to you by the nz govt

Posted by alexandra_k on April 27, 2020, at 15:01:50

in 6 months our political leaders are going to have a pay rise.

they told us how much they earn. and they took a 6 month hold and cut on their salaries (which makes them still realtively speaking highest paid govt officials in the world)

for the public acceptance of how much they earn and how in 6 months things will likely be even better for them.

the minister of health is shame on shame on shame on him -- still being paid to be minister of health. lost some other job of his.

to get public acceptance for the fact that our highest paid government officials don't just work one job that makes them the highest paid. they work 2 or 3 or 4 government jobs.

maybe sitting on 2 district health boards. maybe being exectutivs of 2 or 3 or 4 agencies.

2 months ago i contacted a lawyer abuot a case against waikato university. at some point he says things could be filed quickly... but they would likely take more time later... he delays me for 2 months and then declares that he 'just remembers' his wife advises waikato sometimes so he has a conflict and will not represent me or help me file.

it doesn't really get any more corrupt. does it.

what has changed??

a lot of small business got put out of business.

apparently the hospital inspections of the medical supplies and ppe isn't actually going to be carried out. they aren't actually goign to physically inspect anything.

course not.

nz is all about mob rule.

our prime minister talks to her people via facebook.

encouraging them to give everything up to online.

just keep handing it over handing it over handing it over handing it over.

for pay increae after pay increase after pay increase.

for public acceptance of no medical supplies.

pay increase for the government.

while all the social services and small business get shut down.




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