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Re: don't think that hiring a new VC will fix it

Posted by alexandra_k on February 13, 2020, at 0:32:30

In reply to don't think that hiring a new VC will fix it, posted by alexandra_k on February 13, 2020, at 0:22:17

We don't have Queens Council.

We don't have competent economists (just people who came back from teh US and thought they would profiteer from us running at least 20 -- but now more like 50 or 70 years behind the developed world).

We don't have electritions.

We don't have teachers.

We don't have police.

We don't have skilled people.

We offer courses in basket weaving and Maaori language.

We don't offer courses in chemistry or physics.

Or when we do, we only employ people to teach them who are awful at it to put the studnets off / to ensure they don't learn anything.

Everyone wants to be a manager. Squabbling all day. Arguing about nonsense. Or presenting their studnets research as their own. Passing off others intellectual property as their own. Presenting other peoples work as their own in local and in international conferences.

Collecting up all the money...

I read a couple books in the library. One of them came out around the time my thesis was given to examiners. By an author who was influential with respect to part of what I was saying. I didn't get to read the later book before my work was done, however. It is sort of a political manifesto. I think he might have a minor political party or something. I don't quite know. I think he is an investigative journalist. I think he is employed by Vic. I suppose he is government paid to be 'independent'. That's what 'independent' looks like in NZ. You know, the new Green party. What the Green party used to be when I was a teenager. The fringe. Independent. Cool. Sort of social revoluationary. But of course the Green party grew up to be just as boringly corrupt as every other party. I think they sponsored the shark mural. You know, because the Wellington politicians are all sharks. Big fish. Collecting up all the money in ways that profit themselves at everyone elses expense and at the expense of the development of New Zealand...

He seems to earn a pretty good wage, is what I mean. He does alright. He has a University position and additional government funding to be all inependent.

And another guy...It was a bit less of a political manifesto which was nice...

But, again, he is paid by the government.

He did say that people are only tolerated because they are incompetent.

It sounds like there are a few tyrants in NZ and nobody knows how to deal with them. Maybe the last VC was a major one (I guess he was since he set his salary the way he did and did what he chose to do with it). And of course there you are talking about the education of the future Queens Council who is supposed to prosecute corruption.

You are talking about the education of people like the Ombudsman.

The people who write his opinion for him.

The people working at the Human Rights Commission.

And so on.

Deciding who is incompetent enough to offer those kinds of jobs...




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