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Re: how do you react

Posted by jay2112 on November 29, 2019, at 19:09:40

In reply to how do you react, posted by rjlockhart37 on November 16, 2019, at 16:13:58

> i'll just post this, i've thought about it, who cares ill just post it, usally alot of times in my life, there were people who said lowering statements, or things under their breathe. I grew up, the false statement of "people are not looking at you, your self councious" that is the most false statement there is, i walk into places and people just....stare at me, and no its not like get angry or it's just.....i wonder why im diffrent, ill just be walking and getting in the car and people will stare at me. I'm not gonna brag, and do not take this as any flattery saying, i am chunky right now, but alot of times people have told me that i was handsome, and attractive. Do not let that be brag statement, that is how it's been said. But i've gained some weight, and if i reduced my body weight maybe i would be more handsome, or good looking. But it's just...maybe staying at home and away from people for a long time, i walk out and ... ill be in line at a store, i will glance away for a seecond and see someone just looking at me. It happens all the time. So it's like before i leave the house, i like to dress nice even when going to the store, and not be rubbish or unflattering. In school, same thing, people would stare at me, then wisper in ears, and hear gossip about me that was not true. I think your appearance can give an impression on people, the way you walk or appear that's how people see you. I've always been told im wierd, kinda out there....truth is .. sometimes i write weird things in the feeling of the momeont, and then regret what i posted and get depressed. Or going to a social and getting lost in a conversation, im not a social event person, i don't like going to parties, i don't care if im not invited, i don't like to go. I have to put on a social impression that's harrd to maintain, think practicing and getting the feeling of how your gonna to someone is importantm than just ... saying somethign that disparts the conversation. I can do soial event personas, but i don't like too, too much energy and hard to maintain.
> Just...when your young, people are open to say you can talk to me about things, teenage years when their growing. I'm in my 30s, and have deal with turmoil and keep it inside. Even like a best friend, just like i don't want to totally open up. I keep a distance. But all i can say is....don't be like people in the world, be who you are, and don't forget it.
> But changing the topic....and don't relate what i wrote above, how doy you react when someone makes you mad? confrontational? develop revenge, deep hate, or just let it blow off....

Well, for some reason, and I think this may be at the heart of mental illness, is that we "think" people are "thinking" about us way more than actually is. It is at the heart of obsession and compulsion. Having said that, though, when you do hear other's "chatter", or when some are blatantly rude and tell you to your face, there are a zillion reactions we could make, and many of those can make us feel terrible. I wish people would learn emotional-intelligence and put away their so-called "tell it like it is..". Millennials seem good at reading other emotional's funny, everyone seems young now that I am on the cusp of a few weeks shy of half a century old! Yikes!! lol...

Someone said, they never fear a thing
Well, I do
And I'm afraid enough for both of us,
For me and you
Time, if nothing else, will do it's worst
So do me a favour, and tell me the good news first




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