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Posted by alexandra_k on November 19, 2019, at 8:15:32

It is that things don't go round the cortex at all.

I mean to say that if someone says 'you don't listen' to you then what is supposed to happen is that it goes round the cortex and you encode the meaning of 'so and so said that I don't listen'.

But instead what happens is that it doesn't go round the cortex at all. Instead what happens is 'you don't listen' comes out the mouth.

Then I hear that.

I wonder why people say I don't listen.

They are just parroting what they heard people say to them.

Just parroting it in my direction.

The things that people have said to them that they could not process.

The things that were often said to them because they could not process.

It used to be trendy in philosophy to write about embodied cognition and the extended mind.

But the thing with the truly extneed mind is that there isn't an intended mind at all. Representation. Meaning encoding. It just is not there.

I think I do encode language differently from most people. Most people are not particularly literate in these parts...

I am remembering back to when I was a kid reading under the covers at night. I am remembering how I didn't much like starting new books because I always found myself needing to read the first page or two again. It would take some time before the saying the words quietly to myself aspect receeded and the meanings would pop off the page and into my mind without any effort from me. To become lost in the story.

I guess maybe a similar thing happens with computer games. Nethack with the keyboard symbols. The power of imagination. Visualising things quietly to yourself becuase it isn't smacking you in the face with HD.

I think it probably just is about basic literacy. It is a thing that, no doubt, has a counterpart in mathematics that I never discovered.

I don't add. I count. Then I count more quickly. It helps me count faster if I look at and move my fingers. That is embarrassing for me. I don't like to do it in public. So I don't 'try' to do maths in public. So I do poorly on exams when I feel observed.

I noticed when I was sitting the UCAT. Even though people weren't watching me (of course they were watching for test taking strategies really) I was too embarrassed to do the math on my finges so I didn't. Not saying I would have got it right if I did use my fingers. Which only makes it more embarrassing.

Also I use my fingers wrong. I start palms up and work from right thumb to little finger then left thumb to left little finger and then I am out of fingers and stuck in the middle between the hands and mild panic sets in.


The solution probably would have been as simple as practicing the product of two single digit numbers over and over and over until I basically had them memorised teh way I remember 'a schema is a cognitive structure representing knowledge of a stimulus or kind of stimulus including attributes and relations among attributes' for social psychology. But that never happened. But I didn't work at it the way I worked at memorising that schema definition for maybe 1 per cent in a tutorial test so... I don't know.


There was a sign in the high court that said something along the lines of 'to avoid embarrassement don't bow to the judge' or something.

The NZ websites said it was historical tradition and don't worry about it.

The sites outside NZ said you bow to the insignia (?) of the crown. All the people in the court do. It represents that the judge is an emmissary or whatever of the crown. In other words it represents that the judge is not the highest authority but the judge is accountable to something higher and doesn't get to just do what they want but has to deliver the verdict that would be delivered by the more senior person were they there. Or similar.

so of course you should bow.

If you understand why you are bowing.

I wasn't sure why...

But the judge bowed first. So... It seemed polite, given that.

So I looked into it. And I am glad I did.

Intuition confirmed.

It is a shame that it is tied up with this notion of a monarch and monarchy.

But I guess it is one step closer to an ideal of freedom equality and justice for all or similar.

An ideal... An ideology...

There are probably religious aspects or overtones.

I mean to say the inherant grain of truth or wisdom that is common to all.


I read the Bible too.
When I was maybe my first year at secondary school.
Leviticus was the hardest chapter to get through.
Who begat who begat who...
I wanted to read King James but ended up with NIV.
I remember things sometimes then.
From Judges and the like.
The one about the two women who had babies and one died.
And both claimed the baby was theirs.
And the judge suggested they cut the baby in half.
And the one who said she would rather the other woman take the baby then was properly identified as the true mother.

Anyway... Whatever.

Just adding to the record.

Whatever that's worth.






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