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Re: scalability

Posted by alexandra_k on November 8, 2019, at 16:48:57

In reply to Re: scalability Honore, posted by alexandra_k on November 8, 2019, at 16:15:14

I guess the issue is that my presence got people asking 'why don't they pay her?'

It wasn't a good look...

And with the MPhil / PhD...

People have it into their heads that the MPhil is a 'second rate Degree' and so people are like 'why isn't she doing a PhD'?

And they don't want me to give department talks or teaching work or whatever because people wonder why I don't have a PhD scholarship when these other people do...

And it upsets their hierarchy / their perception of hierarchy.

And then they worry about the things I might say to their students. Like about getting the hell out.

Corrupting the young, or whatever. Why pay them to teach you what these things are when it is obvious from their conduct that they don't f*ck*ng know.

Which is of course why they don't teach Socrates or primary texts any more...

The fact that I a not working towards joining them. Where working towards joining them means doing things that stabotage my doing anything else. If I wanted to be a philosopher my post-modernist essay generated thesis would be line edited (most of the words changed and lines re-written) by at least 1 person. Maybe by 2 people playing 'tag' with it in order to stretch my enrolment out to the maximum possible time.

The money would run out... I would spend much mierable time crying into alcohol that my supervisors would buy me...

I would take whatever teaching scraps they threw me...

To possibly have my grading copy-edited by them line by line. A's changed into D's...

While I'm begging them to sign me off...

Return home to live with parents... Sending them work for them to play copy-editing...

Then... When everybody else thinks I'm utterly incompetent and useless. I can't get anything done on time. My research is totally incomprehensible. My thesis statement is something suitable state-the-obvious or ludicrous or whatever... Probably only when I have figured out some alternative means of employment for myself...

They will get around to signing me off.

Once it is clear I'll never get a job in philosophy.

Of course the way around it is to learn that journals will likely treat you better. Or to find a journal that does. One that gets your work out there in a timely fashion.

But if you don't want to work in the field (and I do not)...

The journals are the output, really. Otherwise its being a High School teacher, really. For the kids that nobody wants. Sigh.

Which is just an awful job. No matter how you look at it. Some of the kids are great. But the Council has been making their riches off of keeping them kicked back and down and taking out loan after loan after loan to subsidise their meetings about how they are too inempt to supply an accurate transcript and too incompetent to understand examiners reports...

It is just not a productive working environment within the University.




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