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Re: Sh!t happens

Posted by alexandra_k on September 17, 2018, at 4:27:04

In reply to Re: Sh!t happens, posted by baseball55 on September 15, 2018, at 19:27:02

I remember this lecture I went to about mens health. It was about enlarged prostate glands, and prostate cancer, mostly. About how prostate cancer is a slow one, usually, and typically guys with it will die of something else first. But the treatment for shrinking the prostate to prevent the development into cancer made guys feel like they lost their mojo and a lot of them didn't want to take the medications...

Generally... The tone of the lecture was about how it is hard to get older guys to care about their health... Unless... It's for the love of a good woman. Or similar. Some wives or daughters, particularly, are good at coaxing their guys into taking care of themselves. Lovely skill that. Wish I had it.

It was something about how guys like to feel useful. And working helps them feel useful. Like they have purpose and the world is better for having them in it. Without that things feel sort of pointless.

I don't know. I've had guys in my life who I cared for a great deal but I didn't want to be more than friends with them partly because they were on a self-destructive path. Like my Father was. And I didn't make them feel like they wanted to be better people. But I wanted to be a better person myself... And... Well, I don't know that I wanted to be a better person for them because it seemed to me like they were more invested in my remaining... A sick and weak person. Honestly.

Did you use to have hard days at work where you dreamed of your retirement? Did you have some kind of a picture like that that you used to use to console yourself with or help youself along? What was that like? I find it easiest to remember things when I'm drifing in and / or out of sleep - but I don't know if that's different when you have another person in the bed.

The things that used to be sources of enthusiasm for you. And life.

On the other hand... Maybe you are grieving, for now. And this too shall pass...




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