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Re: swimming!!!

Posted by alexandra_k on August 15, 2018, at 6:15:42

In reply to swimming!!!, posted by alexandra_k on August 15, 2018, at 6:01:56

And I know...

That gravity is still there underwater. Gravity is still there.

The apparent loss of weight (down) is converted into buoyancy (up) becaue of density.



And pressure... Is about volume... And breathing is about the diaphragm moving to alter the volume of the lung-space - which is what draws the air in and out.

And maybe it's just the muscles needing to work to expand the ribcage against the extra density of water (as opposed to air).

But then it should be easier to exhale / force the air out.

And apparently it's getting rid of the carbon dioxide / waste that is limiting rather than oxygen supply... So... That doesn't explain why it would be harder to breathe with the ribcage submerged...

I went to a seminar on how what was limiting wasn't the systemic but the pumonary system.

I can't remember more, right now... But at the time it was interesting...

And contemplating it while pushing the body (on the eliptical trainer, admittedly - but you can sprint-like motion on it if you are determined)...

I can't quite get over how many lengths they swim. Maybe the size of the squad gave me the illusion of apparent motion when they had significant rest breaks between lengths. I'll look into that. Still... 50m before resting seems sensible.

Even senile people like me need to swim 50m breaststroke. I think old guys get to swim only 50 - thus turning it into a true sprint event...

Master's games for swimming. Yeah. I think maybe so.




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