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Re: Lots of updates Deneb

Posted by jane d on July 16, 2018, at 2:28:49

In reply to Re: Lots of updates, posted by Deneb on June 9, 2018, at 12:35:47

Congratulations on everything!!! I'm very happy for you. I miss you but I'm glad your life is working out so well.


> More big updates! I'm not on Babble much these days, but I do drop by a few times a year. Babble is really quiet now. I do miss how Babble used to be.
> Anyways, I'm married now (-:
> Everything is pretty good. No issues living together with my new husband. I'm still not used to sharing my bed though so I sleep in another room for now. Fortunately my husband understands and is OK with whatever makes me comfortable. I think first we need to get two single beds and put them together before I want to attempt to share my bed again. He's fine with sharing, but I'm a very temperamental sleeper. I need a lot of space.
> But the biggest and most shocking news is that I'm pregnant already! I pretty much got pregnant two days after I got married lol.
> We were planning on trying to conceive immediately after our wedding because I was worried about it taking a long time to get pregnant due to my older age (36.5). I had been charting my temperature 10 months and using ovulation prediction kits for 5 months before getting married, in preparation for trying to conceive. I had also been taking prenatal vitamins, fish oil, folic acid and ubiquinol for months before.
> I had anticipated trouble getting pregnant due to my "geriatric" age for pregnancy, so it was really shocking that I pretty much got pregnant on the first try. It was literally the first time I had sperm in my body and I got pregnant lol.
> I'm feeling pretty good now. I'm 4 weeks 5 days pregnant (but the embryo has only existed for 2 weeks 5 days). I find it funny that people are considered pregnant starting from the first day of their last period instead of the last day of ovulation.
> No one knows yet besides my husband and I haven't seen my doctor yet. We're probably going to keep it to ourselves until the first trimester is over because of the high chance of spontaneous abortion, especially at my age.
> I'm really hoping my embryo/fetus sticks! I'm so excited about having a baby. My husband is great with kids. I like them, but I'm awkward around them and kids don't tend to like me. I don't think I'm very approachable to kids and I don't know how to interact with them. It's all good though because my husband is awesome with them, and I'm sure I'll get better with them with practice.
> Initially I had planned on my husband being the stay-at-home dad while I go back to work ASAP (and it's somewhat possible now that I actually make more money than he does now - I get paid a fair wage but he's definitely underpaid for the skills that he has), but I'm reading about the benefits of breast milk and I think I'll attempt to stay home to breastfeed for 6 months if possible.
> Either way is fine with us. Ideally nether of us works lol, but that's not practical. He's definitely going to take at least two months paternity leave though. I definitely don't want to get too much more caregiving experience than he does. It's not fair for men. I'm a very strong feminist and I strongly believe in the importance of fathers in children's lives.




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