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Re: Runners?

Posted by alexandra_k on May 28, 2018, at 19:53:52

In reply to Re: Runners?, posted by Lamdage22 on May 27, 2018, at 7:36:10

sounds good. i hope you keep enjoying it.

i'm always surprised at how quickly one can progress in a week or two in doing fairly much the same thing but with trying to do just a bit more (faster or further or whatever) each time.

i'm waiting on scholarships will alleviate my poverty for a bit... then i think i might buy a yoga mat and see about a 1 month free trial on yoga. otherwise i need to pay, like, a buck for mat hire each time.

i've learned i'm good for 1 month. at that point i'm adapted and it's good to switch it up and do something else. it's also at that point that people properly decide that i simply must switch up my focus from the actual work and focus on interacting with them... an element of 'or else'.

if ever i found that not to be the case... i'd stick around.

i'm also going to buy a cheap-ish (though they are actually fairly expensive in themselves, it seems) road racing sort of bicycle.

i used to have a bmx when i was a kid, which i loved. in a ghetto kind of way haha. then was more into mountain / lite trail kinds of bikes. but, really, i mostly use it on the road. and there are hills around here. lots of them. i need something a bit lighter for hill climbs. and it will be fun now i know the road rules etc from motorcycling. it would be nice to get some speed on...

i have a gym membership... but because it's a 24/7 hour gym it's basically... an excuse to have 'security cameras' up filming everything all the time. probably also (especially) in the showers, i'd imagine. i don't use public showers etc but need to change somewhere and the bathrooms are not kept in a good state by the clientele. people don't seem to know how to use a toilet brush and then the individual rooms don't have air extraction so there is a constant smell of mould / damp masked by cheap deoderant. it is just not very pleasant, anymore.




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