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Re: the handicap principle

Posted by alexandra_k on April 20, 2018, at 21:37:10

In reply to Re: the handicap principle, posted by alexandra_k on April 10, 2018, at 20:13:02

I actually suppose it's got more to do with history of trauma.

Like how if you have suffered scarcity (e.g., of food) then it is hard not to experience greed, later. Intense desires to hoard.

I have heard something about how rich people have the luxury of being virtuous. Of fostering the virtues, or whatever. If you are poor then you really don't have much of a choice: You are forced into criminality just to get by. Etc.

I have been thinking about that. I guess that is the game, here. There really is so much awful about. So much poverty. So many who are forced to take what they can get opportunistically just to get by. So the thing to do is to accumulate enough wealth to get away from the awful. And then to accumulate enough wealth to keep your kids away from the worst of the awful.

So you can raise your kids with other kids who have their needs met. You can raise your kids to be kind and compassionate etc because they have only really been around kind and compassionate others. But it takes quite a lot of money to keep the awful element away. To keep away those who... Have nothing to lose.

There is an awful lot of that, here, in NZ. I've felt that way, at times... Really have nothing to lose, at all. And if you have nothing to lose then why would you be moral, at all?

I was alright... Only, I wasn't. I displayed upset. Which others chose to interpret as... Well... Security guards on University Campus telling me to move along...

There are no persons in public, here...

People genuinely can't tell the difference... And most people blow with the wind (they call it 'being adaptive'...

There was this thing in the paper today about this lady who worked in a leaky asbestos filled building for years and years and years and years and years... Patients would go in there (MRI machine) and I guess it was her (as a technicion) and the patients...

And she said that adminnistrators wouldn't have worked in such a building.

And I wondered: Then why did she?

Apparently she was one of the first people to be trained in her job...

WHy did she stay? Working in such awful conditions. If she really cared for her patients why did she normalise that for them? If admin really wouldn't listen to her... Why didn't she leave? There are other machines around teh country... If she was really competent in her job why didn't she leave?



It really is the only language people here understand.

Because the people left barely understand language, at all...





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