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Re: Flouride Tablets?

Posted by alexandra_k on September 13, 2017, at 1:55:16

In reply to Re: Flouride Tablets? Lamdage22, posted by alexandra_k on August 29, 2017, at 16:30:58

I think I have familial hypercholesterolemia (like 1:500 people). I wonder whether my vascular system will start to store flouride. I wonder whether my bones will become prone to fracturing from flouride (a harder substance) replacing some of the calcium. I wonder whether I will develop problems with calcium homeostasis (which may perhaps induce mineralisation at distant sites as my body tries to sequester calcium but is clogged with flouride instead)?

Oh the things we could learn about...

I suppose I could drink bottled water. Maybe the bottled water won't contain such high levels of flouride. I wonder about the permeates in plastic. I know that some plastic containers say 'no added permeates' but I wonder about the permeates that are not added. Like how fruit juice contains 'no added sugar' but plenty of sugar from the selective breeding of fruit.

I can't think why on earth else it is that only alcohol is sold in glass bottles, here. Water. Milk. Plastics. Alcohol... Especially the cheap and nasty 'brewed in a vat with who knows what to get a population stoned' comes in glass. So, you know, we have broken glass all over the streets...

There was some tribute to that at some point... Some discount on cans or plastic containers!

I don't know why we allow alcohol to be so readily accessible to our kids... Or why the supermarkets can collect all their supermarket data whereas everyone else has to play dumb that we don't know what the people are eating. It's really... Disingenuous... Why we can't organise local food co-ops (support local farmers) from our residential halls. Why residential halls can't organise recycling from their own kitchens...

It's supposed to be about businesses... I just don't understand what we get from it, what's in it for us such that it is worth our doing business with them.

Perhaps it's about our community being spared from being an exposure population?

Not sure...




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