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Re: volunteering

Posted by alexandra_k on August 29, 2017, at 23:26:30

In reply to volunteering, posted by alexandra_k on August 29, 2017, at 23:14:52

And sometimes you see people pull together.

I remember when I was a kid (very young) and parent volunteers built a playground. Wooden beams and weaving ropes into climbing nets and stuff like that. Working class people. Plumbers and builders and so on would literally help build the school on weekends.

And my Father used to volunteer for this thing called the Lion's Club. Which involved beers on Friday after work (pretty sure) but also involved half day projects - for other people's schools - and things like that.

And what happened?

You do see the odd thing... I watched this Ted talk on cleaning up Mombai. How people did things like painting walls and providing spit pots for people to spit in the pots. Or partly sheltered outdoor urinals that stopped people from pissing all over the wall as they had been doing before (so an improvement, yeah). On cleaning up subway underpasses. On how once these things were cleaned up (intelligently like with the pots and urinals for minor behavioral change) the changes were maintained months later...

But mostly...


I'm really tired of where I'm living. Awful people. I don't know what to say. I used to work at a place and I did cleaning work as part of that. Worked in the kitchen. And I knuckled down and got on with it and did the job well with cheer in my heart. And the people who are paid to do work here... Bitch and moan and complain. Cut as many corners as they can. Leave their stuff all strewn about (have you set a trap for others today?) And when it isn't beligerance it is incompetence. A genuine inability to see... And I simply don't understand why they are paid to do their job when they don't get on and do it. And I'm tired of living with such awful people.

I'm tired of these awful people making me feel bad that I'm not happy and delighted to live with them. That there is something wrong with me that I'm not delighted about the cleaners antics of trying to trip people up with the vaccum cleaner cord etc.

I'm tired of this whole 'be grateful for what you have got because you could be living in the slums of Mombai or Tonga'.

We don't have much housing, here. That's basically the issue. There isn't much in the way of habitable housing. Most of the stuff that's advertised is... More about driving up property prices, I think. Price fixing sort os stuff so people think they've found the best they can find at that price and they sign contracts to pay that price... We don't have much in the way of government laws... And people come here / invest in here accordingly. If it isn't legally prohibited then that makes it an opportunity - yes?

It's just awful.




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