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Re: informed consent

Posted by alexandra_k on August 19, 2017, at 17:28:44

In reply to Re: Walking..., posted by alexandra_k on August 19, 2017, at 17:11:05

The informed consent thing is the strangest thing...

Reading what Dr Bob had to say about informed consent on these boards... All the way back, however many years ago. The idea of a multiple-choice test to demonstrate informed consent.

We really aren't big on informed consent, here. In trying to get at why not the idea seems to be that we don't like to ask for informed consent because we don't think that we will get informed consent.

I just... Don't understand in what world this is okay.

I mean... I suppose I do understand if... It were an infectious disease that we are trying to contain in the interests of public health, or something like that.

But I'm talking about obtaining informed consent for things like cancer treatment or participating in scientific research (aka things that are not a matter of public health or public safety).

I mean... In laboratory the other day we were supposed to do blood smears (of our own blood). I got the impression typically they don't get people filling in informed consent forms. They got them specially... Then we were rushed / herded into signing them and getting started we were not at all encouraged to take a few minutes to read the forms. We were not encouraged to ask questions.

Which I find weird... Because I was pretty freaking keen to look at my blood cells even though I know there is a smallish risk of my getting a finger infection etc from drawing blood from myself.

So... Why not get us to do informed consent properly? I just don't undersetand.

Maybe it's because the pathology laboratory has blood samples from our entire population (since everyone has had a blood test at some point). I expect that is it.

There is this thing about how public health isn't so big on offering information about what things are healthy because the people capable of understanding the message are mostly okay and public health is about promoting the health of the people who aren't capable of understanding public health messages.

It's about inflicting ones will on those who lack the understanding / desire for that to happen.

It seems.

Who lets these people work in these fields...

I'm starting to understand how NZ has a culture of bullies. It isn't a Maaori thing (or, it isn't only a Maaori thing) our immigrants are playing along quite well...

Is it because of history of trauma in the people? In their own lives? In their recent history?

Jewish people... Didn't start victimising others after the holocaust, though, did they? I didn't think that was the cultural response... There is money there... Something something about wars... I really don't know anything...




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