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Lacking medication is HELL (happy ending)

Posted by Tony P on January 5, 2017, at 1:56:57

A short while back, I got into a terrible vicious circle - my doc was cutting back my diazepam & I reached a point where a) I couldn't take my antidepressants because of side-effects mediated by the diazepam, and b) my anxiety and agoraphobia reached the point where I couldn't get myself in to see my GP (who was prescribing the diazepam). And c) my pdoc had been on extended leave for 9 months & the clinic was too short-staffed to get me a replacement -- they've now discharged me!

I was all-but bed-ridden with crippling anxiety, using alcohol & OTC muscle relaxants to try and relieve my stress, but of course they only made me worse in the long run. I was suicidal and unable to initiate any steps to help myself. I was sure I was going to die in the next month or so in any case.

Finally my landlord (of all people) took me to emergency, where they reassured me my blood work was normal and gave me a 3-day supply of diazepam. That was enough to get me out to see my GP and get on a moderate regime of diazepam. I could start taking my Wellbutrin again -- and even drink coffee! I did a complete 180 and have been in great shape since, although the habit of behaving like a sick person is hard to overcome.

Switched 10 days ago from diazepam to clonazepam, a bit sedating & fuddling, but am now seeing my GP regularly and s-l-o-w-l-y cutting back the clonazepam. He is going to see if he can get me a pdoc referral, and I am pursuing counseling & group therapy support.

But what a hell-hole I was in for a few months! Thank god, I made it through, with the help of some concerned people.




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