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Re: the clothing situation

Posted by alexandra_k on December 31, 2016, at 1:14:57

In reply to med app..., posted by alexandra_k on December 28, 2016, at 23:07:52

And I was perhaps unfair to my friends.

i've been having a hard time with clothes since moving back from Aussie. Haven't really brought much in the way of anything. I remember that in Aussie I had a few issues, too... But not quite so bad since I'd had a bit more money to spend on clothes, I supposed...

Things have gotten worse, here. Or maybe it is that I have gotten older and wiser. I think probably some sort of weird combination of both.

I've been thinking for a while now that I'm tired of branding on rubbish product. There are so many stores selling rubbish at such high prices... Where is it that I can get quality stuff? Functional stuff. Like... Gym gear that doesn't go see through when you sweat or move about in it. Not that I'm talking about gym gear right now. But other gear... Stuff that stays put. Where do you find... Comfortable sensible clothes that are nicely cut that are made from natural fibres?

Anyway... Looking into motorcycle safety equipment... And they really do have some nice looking leather jackets (for another day). But they do jeans, too, and I got looking into jeans. You can slot pads / armour into knee panels, you see. Then some people online were saying that they really weren't all that different from a quality pair of American denim jeans... And I wasn't sure...

There is a Levi's store here... But it's all spandex. Elastane fibres that break down so they go baggy in all the wrong places so you need to buy another pair of jeans next year... Styles that are... Precarious. Styles that are invented only to go out of style six months down the track... Even looking online... It isn't about providing different options so that different people with different body types / shapes and different personal preferences of styles get to find what they are looking for... It is about pricing structures and the premium style is the premium style and it's all just designed to... Make you feel (and even look) bad... They even had 501's. In the sale pile. 3/4 pants with rips all over them... wtf??


I thought maybe to forget denim... I had faint memories of Dockers or Dickies or... Corduroy trousers... Cargo pants.... And I wondered where on earth you were supposed to get such things anymore.

And then I thought... School uniforms. Some schools have good wool blazers... And proper woollen trousers... Pretty sure... And so then I find all these stores that sell work clothes. All kinds of work clothes. For firefighters and road workers and ambulance officers and welders. For butchers. For food service industry. For health. And there is even corporate stuff amongst that... And of course there is a lot of rubbish... But there is also a lot of... Basically what I was looking for. Heavy duty stuff that can stand up to a lot of washing and doesn't need ironing or tucking in. Stuff that is designed to stay put when you move about. Stuff with useful pockets.

And it looks like... I've just solved my clothing problem. Cotton t-shirts and shirts and hoodies and trackies and cargo-type pants and dress pants... All... Generic... No branding. Even jeans... Only 1 or 2% elastane and I suppose that simply is the best you can do, these days.

I've realised... I was only avoiding buying new clothes because I knew what I wanted and I didn't know where to find it... Because shop assistants never take to me... Because... I just will never understand the joy that people find (or the self-flagellation, perhaps) in clothes shopping...

I suppose I see how it can be like art... In a sense... But it isn't that to me. Not when I don't have the most basic...

I suppose I missed out on this because of not working. I don't know.




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