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med app...

Posted by alexandra_k on December 28, 2016, at 23:07:52

In reply to Re: people don't want to know..., posted by alexandra_k on December 28, 2016, at 22:58:10


they are very clear that they won't enter in to any correspondence about why an application is culled.


if they discriminated against me on the grounds of disability (i.e., if they decided 'no' on the grounds of some of my medical file history) then they don't need to disclose that. which is, of course, just as well, since we do at least give some nominal sort of nod every now and then to human rights...

in my time here i've gotten to know people... they've gotten to know me... this is partly why i'm moving into a residential hall (in case they think my MPI (that seems to be the codeword for spy people) landlord didn't keep good enough security tabs on me this semester)...

apparently i need to make a disability / equity case...

the admissions lady seemed pleased with me when I raised the issue. 'i said that i didn't know of any reason why i couldn't perform appropriate professional duties etc because i really didn't think that my history / dx would affect me'.

she said 'oh, that's just so we make sure that people receive appropriate supports'.

i said (magic words): 'i really don't believe that's the case. suppose there were people whose job it was to look after the dr's to make sure they were all doing okay... then who are the people looking after the sick people, again?'

she said i needed to make an equity case.

it's a hard one, though. because i can't accuse them of discriminating against me on grounds of disability... though it's increasingly looking like that's what in fact happened.

anyway... apply this year. if i don't get to do it... i don't know what i'll do. honestly. i don't want to do anything else. i start thinking i may as well end my life if i don't get to do it because i don't want to keep living with such little control over my own life... i know it sounds kind of cheesy... but i really do start to feel like that. i'm not happy staying on welfare indefinately... and i wouldn't be happy with a job in the capitol where my job is to... inevitably fail. or... something...

anyway... onward, ho.




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