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people don't want to know...

Posted by alexandra_k on December 28, 2016, at 22:45:14

In reply to my friends..., posted by alexandra_k on December 28, 2016, at 22:34:16

often people don't want to know.
and i find that very odd.

my mother doesn't want to know.
if i say that i went to this talk by the hospice people and they were saying that euthenasia just doesn't happen in this country at all... nobody is ever killed by being given a lethal dose of painkiller...
and i say (afterwards to them) that everybody knows that's not true, because everybody knows of a case of their aunties cousins sisters daughter who got x terminal disease and they said 'get the family together within 24 hours' and then they were given a dose of medication and they 'unexpectedly' passed off gently in their (totally unrelated) sleep...

only my mother was like 'that's not what happened to your grandpa'.

except, of course, it was.

i said to the hospice people that it was totally disingenuous their continually pretending like these things don't happen on a routine basis... and they said... they said... that some people were very much opposed to / afraid of going into hospice care for the reason that they thought that people went in to hospice care in order to die. and, uh, that it helped people go into hospice care if the hospice workers could continually reassure them that hospice had taken the hard line on euthenasia. such things shouldn't happen in new zealand. that hospice didn't want them to happen. that hospice didn't believe in them.

except, of course, that that's just... telling people what they want to hear.

instead of facing up to the way things are... and then engaging in an intelligent discussion around the issue... it has been decided that denial is the best strategy. we just keep saying over and over and over that we don't believe in such things and we don't want anything to change.

we don't want anything to change.

so who makes these decisions at present - given that we don't want anything to change?

nobody wants to know because that's truly frightening.

there is a lot of that about... and people really don't want to know.

i've always wanted to know. even when knowing was painful. when most people for most of my life have tried to blame me for various things (mostly for how much i hurt). i thought i needed to be truly brave and really examine myself for the faults they were determined i had... only.... in my process of self discovery... a process most of them haven't had the balls to go on for themselves.... i've found that mostly... there really isn't very much of anything wrong with me. not least because... of my willingness and ability to really examine myself and to face up to some of my weaknesses and insecurities etc....

but there's an awful lot wrong with the world. for people willing to look at that... instead of pretending that there's nothing wrong... and blaming the people around them...

a lot of people in this society don't want health care. they would rather pop out kids and then die early. my father wanted to die. that's why he smoked himself to death. that's why he didn't have cancer care health insurance. it wasn't like he couldn't have afforded it. he'd had enough.

there really are lots of people like that.

only... there are a few... who aren't. there really are a few who aren't. i worry about them. about those ones. because it's like we pretend they don't exist. because of the masses. because most people don't want to look after themselves... those who do... those who are doing their best but they don't know what to do, and they just want a little bit of expert help... those latter people, well, they're just not allowed.

i'm not sure why most people keep getting to ruin things for everyone.




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