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Re: can anybody access this?

Posted by alexandra_k on November 17, 2016, at 8:49:13

In reply to Re: can anybody access this?, posted by alexandra_k on November 17, 2016, at 8:02:42

and i'm just feeling scared, again. i think a lot of people round the world have been feeling that way, lately. from the corners of the world i know about, anyway.

it's a hard... and sad thing...

i'm not really sure what it's about. something about finite resources that we are squabbling over. something about preserving a way of life...

and i guess everyone has got some sort of childhood... childlike... idyl. where everyone is happy and where everything is okay. and people just really want that... whatever they think it will take...

and things get really very messed up. and i really don't understand it, at all.

i just think that if not everyone can live like this... in some important respects... i mean... there are some consumerist / over-consumption things that can go... but if not everyone can live like this... then if people had less kids... then over time that would sort things out.

i mean... i would rather have fewer people with a higher quality of life than millions and billions and trillions of people where many of them are afforded existences little better than animals. i mean... wouldn't most people? perhaps not...

i would rather have less people where there was more health care... i mean care for persons who were relatively willing and able to provide informed consent and to weight pros and cons and come to reasoned opinions about their preferences and so on... than have more people where life is more... nasty brutish and short. even if there is largely the perception of solidarity in that (because that other way of life got all hushed up and away out of site such that the crowds forgot it had ever existed)...

i remember talking to someone on these boards once who said he had been dx'd with psychopathy. he really thought that life was about taking what you can get away with. i was quite horrified. but the more i know of people outside philosophy the more i think that this really is how most people seem to feel / interact with the world.

i don't know what i'm saying... civilisation seems so very fragile sometimes. i suppose things will turn out okay.




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