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Re: Is it rude...

Posted by alexandra_k on November 6, 2016, at 1:22:53

In reply to Is it rude..., posted by alexandra_k on November 6, 2016, at 1:16:00

People didn't like Socrates very much. By all accounts he was ugly and people left him alone.

I wonder how much better I would get along in this world if:

1) I was male.

2) I was a big male.

I see people give big males their personal space, you see. It was once I saw how everybody was perfectly capable of giving the big males their personal space in the gym that I really got very very very very very freaking angry about how people simply will not give me my personal space. Because people ARE capable, you see. They know full well what personal space means, when it suits them.

It's the same in seminars... Not about physical size... But you can usually tell the head of research lab... The kiddies don't tend to crowd them or be all like 'oh sorry I brushed up against you *smile* *smile* *smile* tee hee!'

Though times are changing here...

I'm used to people dispersing into a room. Equidistance. DIffuse... People mostly aren't blind, they can see you over there. People mostly aren't deaf, either, people can have a conversation in low tones without physically getting all up in each others faces. I don't know why people here have a tendency to clump. I mean physically touching. People seem to be always physically bumping and jostling and pawing at each other. Literally bouncing off of each other. 'Sorry!' then right back into doing it again 'Tee hee!'.

If I pull a growly face it shouldn't be hard to read that as 'back off'.

You get it when your supervisor or the big guy in the gym does it...

People are typically out for taking what they can get from others... They don't give a sh*t about how others feel about that... It's not exactly endearing...




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