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Re: Turn Left

Posted by alexandra_k on September 22, 2016, at 3:56:19

In reply to Re: Turn Left, posted by alexandra_k on September 18, 2016, at 0:42:09

I've been thinking a lot about "Brave new world" and also "1984" insofar as I remember them. I found an essay from the Brave new world person writing later... Talking about the differences in the dystopian vision...

Brave new world was pre WWII. I didn't properly appreciate that before...

In the essay (post-WWII) he said some stuff about population control... Which is also interesting to me... Tragedy of Commons etc... Anyway... He said about how it was more humane to come in with birth control than to need to limit care to old people (or similar). Something like that...

And of course... To me... That's a no brainer. Of course.

But that simply isn't the case for some of the cultural groups in NZ. I think... If you really were very clear with people and you said to them 'look, either you can have end of life care to help you live to a ripe old age... You can have cancer care and so on... Or... You can have babies... And all those resources can go into keeping them alive for those first years of their life' I really do think that many of them would chose to live what I might consider a nasty, bruitish, and short life for themself... Just so long as they get to have their bunch of kids.

That is their priority. And I suppose... That if they really make that choice then that should be their right... I suppose...

Or should it?

Why should it be?

Sigh. Things are pretty f*ck*d up.

I went to rounds. At least, I went to a publicly advertised version or approximation of rounds haha. I thought one of the talks was going to be by a drug rep promoting a product... Only it turned out to be from a doc who trained overseas who had experience prescribing the med... Since we only had just obtained it with the last pharmac purchase... And I suppose... What's the difference?
I vaguely read a book before about how the cost of participating in a treatment trial was that one was potentially forgoing current gold standard of care. Depending on the state of the current gold standard and depending on the stage of the trialled treatment that could be a better or worse decision... Then I heard that often the only way we can (possibly) get current gold standard of care in NZ is by participating in a treatment trial. Because one may strike it lucky and get placed in the control group, I suppose...
Treatment trials... If that's the case... How is that for a fair health system? Random... Lottery... Who gets health care and who doesn't. Whether you get a hip replacement or whether you merely get a cut along the side of your leg... Which group you get placed into. Back to having a litter...




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