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Re: What are you doing?

Posted by alexandra_k on September 16, 2016, at 21:04:40

In reply to What are you doing?, posted by Clearskies on September 15, 2016, at 21:47:35

I did really well on my last neurobiology test. That is helping me feel better. Best in test and currently 1st in class boo ya... After only 20% of the assessment, but still...


I've been spending an awful lot of time in the anatomy museum holding plastic models of the thalamus and sphenoid etc... And reading textbooks... Photographic atlases of gross and brain slices...

Gym... Keeps me sane.

Museum / art gallery. Particularly the art gallery. Patron of the arts. I think that is important to me. I've come to realise that some people can't tell the difference between artistic creations that have taken an awful lot of time and effort and so on... And ones that haven't. That there is this sense of that... The value in arts degrees, even. I feel like I should be a patron of the arts as best I am able. To encourage that which I see merit / value in... To hope that that persists. Flourishes, even.

Similarly... I've been going to a lot of public seminars. Different fields.

I've been going to a lot of bio-ethics seminars... They have started to become... Uncomfortable... In some respects I'm far too idealistic, I'm learning. Last time I hashed through issues in bio-ethics (insofar as I did) not only was it prior to my experience in the health system... But it was prior to my coming to learn (a bit) about the Way Things Are. I've been pretty naieve in a lot of ways... Of course... I need to...

Not be like my grandfather. Not be too principled... But not to lose my humanity... It is a fine line or a slippery slope or... I guess you just do the best you can.

I have found out that there is a proper Olympic Weightlifting club here... Student memberships (financially feasible) etc... I'm kind of scared to go... But I should...

I think what they want to see... Is that I have ways of connecting with people in positive ways. Whatever that might be... So that if all your interactions with people are horrible for the day... You have those positive ways of connecting with people...

Such that you see people as people. So that you don't lose your humanity.

I think that is is. That is what is important about the de-stress etc.

I think patron of the arts... Seminars... Art Gallery... Amateur things, even. Music... Sport... To see the humanity. The talent. The skill. I think that is important to / for me.

I need to get the brakes fixed on my bike and then I'll start biking around. I think I'm too far away from much... Even 6 hours return, can't get to very much.

I want to get my lisence... Eventually get a motorbike. Start with a scooter. Yeah. That's my mission for this summer. Get my learners lisence and get a freaking scooter. Maybe get a harley or something before I retire haha.




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