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the elephant

Posted by alexandra_k on September 5, 2016, at 22:14:48



don't know whether you still may be listening...

did you see the elephant?

NY museum... i don't remember the name of the artist. even the name of the exhibition / the work.

not 7 screens... bit of a shame that there wasn't... but the same? similar? general idea...

an elephant. moving around the space of the NY museum. what is the floor? marble?

i remember how it hurt to walk on the linoleum surface at the hospital when i was learning to walk again... i wonder whether it would physically hurt an elephant to walk on hard stone?

i read the description before i entered the exhibition. i was prepared to feel... disgust. disgust at the grotesqueness of the exhibition. at the distasteful display...

but i was first confronted by... monumental beauty.

two pairs of legs. each pair looking... human. not just human... asthetic. sexy. almost. graceful. not sexy. it's an elephant ffs. but it could be human... people with weird suits on... and the way it walks on tippy toes when it takes steps backwards.

then the next screen...

the screens aren't quite set up like spokes of a wheel - but sort of. so you get a sense of walking around the outside of the circus tent. The circus tent which is displaying an elephant on screens on cameras circling round an elephant that is doing stuff in the NY museum.

i love how it rolls to get up. momentum. momentum is both your enemy and your friend. i mean... it takes considerable effort to overcome inertia and get started... you better think it through and be committed... and then you get momentum behind you and it's all on...

did you see it dr bob?
did you like it?
what did you think?




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